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By Brian Mullin
Employer's Response to Discriminatory Conduct is Critical to Avoiding Punitive Damages
By Matthew A. Morris
The Massachusetts Society of CPAs (MSCPA) published an article by Matt Morris in its weekly "Friday @ Five" newsletter.
By David Viens
Craft Brewing Business published an article by David Viens today covering several liability issues that brewers should consider when offering complimentary beer to employees.
By Donna M. Truex
There is much angst and anticipation as to what the overhauled changes to the antiquated liquor licensing laws will be.
By Bowditch & Dewey
In a recent article, Financial Advisor Magazine discussed the September 27th proposal to eliminate the estate and generation-skipping transfer tax (GST), which was presented by the Trump administration.
By Timothy Van Dyck, Timothy Powell
Imagine your employee "Bob" has recently missed a lot work for unexplained reasons. Bob's coworkers notice that he sometimes "nods off" while working, and his supervisor just reported to you that Bob became enraged while speaking with a client.
By Timothy Powell
Title VII has become a battleground for LGBTQ rights in recent years, due in no small part to the ambiguity of its wording.
By Chelsie A. Vokes
On August 8, 2017, the NCAA announced a new policy directed to sexual assault awareness and prevention for schools participating in NCAA Division I, II or III athletics ("the Policy").
By AiVi Nguyen
The tragic events flowing from the Charlottesville march have provided a stark reminder that while institutions of higher learning should be nurturers of free thought and open dialogue, ...
By Terrence Briggs
If you have an account in a retirement plan where you work or you own an Individual Retirement Account, you may get financial advice about the assets in your account from an investment...
By Timothy Powell
Over the summer, news broke that Surly Brewing Co. was found liable by a Minnesota court for violations of the state's tip-pooling law.
By Chelsie A. Vokes
On August 25, 2017, President Trump released a memorandum banning transgender individuals from the military.
By Kathryn E. Szewczyk, Christopher Mehne
Blind trusts are typically associated with politicians who seek to avoid conflicts of interest while occupying public office.
By Matthew A. Morris
The Equifax breach is not the biggest in terms of the number of people affected, but it is the worst in terms of the scope of personal identifying information that was hacked.
By Jon Barooshian
In response to public comments issued on September 8, 2017 that won't be published in the Massachusetts Register until September 22, 2017, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue...