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Tel: +56 22 445 6000
Miraflores 130, piso 25
By Albagli Zaliasnik
As it has done during its 25 years of existence, Albagli Zaliasnik is determined to actively support the training of the future lawyers of our country.
By Albagli Zaliasnik
The World Trademark Review (WTR 1000) Rank highlighted Albagli Zaliasnik as a legal firm, and in the individual categories, as the leaders in the area of trademark law in Chile.
By Jorge Arredondo Pacheco, Daniela Hirsch
One of the emphasis that is making the labor agenda today is determined by the changes being promoted with regards to collective labor law, aimed straight at the topics of workers' unions, collective bargaining and strike regulation.
By Albagli Zaliasnik
A series of lectures on Intellectual Property were delivered by ChileDiseño and Albagli Zaliasnik throughout November and December.