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By John M. Griem, Jr., Rose Auslander
A recent Ninth Circuit decision provides useful guidance regarding the risks of damages for distributors accused of copyright infringement.
By Judith Wallace, Christopher Rizzo, Karen Meara, Victor Gallo
The federal regulation at issue governs not only actual water bodies, but also wetlands which, based on their surface or subsurface connections, potentially impact those waters.
By Guy Lander
In December 2013, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission proposed new rules that would permit U.S. and Canadian companies that are not SEC reporting issuers to sell up to $50 million of their securities in any rolling 12 month period with reduced regulation and related expense.
By Faith Colish, Ethan Silver
On February 3, 2014, the Staff of the SEC issued a No-Action Letter that Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP lawyers played a key role in securing.
By Judith Wallace
As most readers are aware, a statute of limitations sets a deadline after which lawsuits are prohibited.
By Ronald Spencer
Of course, a dealer to whom art has been consigned for sale does not own the art, having only the contractual right to transfer the owner’s title.
By Rose Auslander
Today’s high school students are learning the skills needed for 3-D modeling, and copying is already being encouraged online: In a video posted at, a man takes off the sunglasses he is wearing and shows how to make a 3-D copy in a few easy steps.
By Pamela Mann, Iliza Bershad
Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the New York Non-Profit Revitalization Act of 2013 into law on December 18, 2013
By Avinash Ganatra, John Hanley, James Gadsden, Aaron Cahn, Jayun Koo
In recent years, borrowers of leveraged loans have sought to include "Disqualified Lender" provisions in their credit agreements.
By Stephen Kass
In my last column, I pointed out the significant environmental risks from both Canada’s oil sands and Japan’s nuclear facilities and concluded that, after balancing their respective benefits and risks, neither represented a desirable model for either the United States or the international community to meet their future energy needs.
By Michael Frankel, Howard Barnet, Jr.
Non-U.S. individuals making direct investments in the United States face a bewildering U.S. tax regime.
By Lawrence Carnevale, Judith Lockhart
To be enforceable, non-compete agreements, like all contracts, require adequate consideration.
By Jeffrey Boxer, Emily Milligan
Like all other contracts, restrictive covenants must be supported by adequate consideration at the time they are executed.
By Lawrence Carnevale, Judith Lockhart
Over the last decade, the so-called "garden leave" clause has begun to appear with increasing frequency in employment agreements in this country.
By Ethan Silver, Jayun Koo
Broker-dealers using social media for business purposes face new scrutiny from FINRA, which has issued two detailed Regulatory Notices and a new rule on electronic communications with the public.
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