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By Christina Popa
As Romania became part of the European Community since January 1st, 2007, new regulation regarding protecting the industrial property came into force.
By Ion Mocanu
The field of intellectual property is permanently in the attention of the Romanian government and fighting forgery and piracy is a constant objective of all the entities interested in preventing and fighting this recrudescent phenomenon.
By Cristian Nastase, Cristian Nastase
How Romania's expansion in to the EU has effected the trademark law.
By Iulia Siteavu, Iulia Siteavu
In Romania, the legal provisions regarding the obligation to use a trade mark and the applicable sanction for the failing to use it have been adopted relatively recently adopted, through Law 84/1998 on trade marks and geographical indications.
By Lucian Enescu
From 1991, by adopting the new Constitution, Romania has begun to consolidate a real market economy based on principles of the state of law guaranteeing the right of property irrespective of the owner. The transition from a centralized to a market economy is a complex process requiring radical changes in all fields of activity, but first of all in the economic field, Romania has made remarkable steps and has succeeded in reaching international and, in particular, European standard.

The regulation of design protection in Romanian law is only of recent date.

The first regulation was the Law No. 129/1993 in the field of the industrial property right, followed by Law no. 8/1996 in the field of copyright.

By Lucian Enescu, Lucian Enescu
By Lucian Enescu
By Lucian Enescu
By Lucian Enescu, Lucian Enescu
By Lucian Enescu