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By Caroline Jennings
Cohabitation agreements can be useful for couples who live together but are not married.
By Caroline Jennings
Dealing with business assets on divorce can be complex. Are you a shareholder, a director or both? Do you assist in running the business? If you are the business owner, do you want to keep the business? If so, how will you compensate your ex?
By Faye Devlin
Digital assets are closely intertwined with our everyday life, from supermarket reward cards, photographs, blogs, music accounts, online banking, emails, eBooks, social media accounts…the list goes on.
By Caroline Jennings
Regardless of whether you are a Man Utd fan or not, Giggs has undoubtedly generated substantial wealth during his football career. It has been widely reported that he and his wife, Stacey, are divorcing.
By Alex Spencer
In banking and finance matters, a legal opinion is often sought to confirm the capacity and valid incorporation and existence of a legal entity.
By Adam Kelly
As intellectual property plays such a vital role in the key activities of many businesses, it is important not only that it is properly protected and used but also that third party rights are not infringed.
By Adam Kelly
The recent English case of Egon Zehnder Ltd v Tillman (2017) is interesting. The defendant joined the claimant's recruitment business in 2002 on terms including a 6 month no-compete restriction.
By Irini Newby
Businesses need to gear up for a raft of new, far reaching social legislation that aims to ensure fair and equal treatment for all.
By Sarah Wolter
This decision demonstrates the benefit of a statutory provision, not limited to a particular set of facts or criteria, as to when and why a receiver should be appointed.
By   Simcocks
The Isle of Man advocate instructed to act would usually review any transaction documents being entered into by the Isle of Man legal entity from an Isle of Man law perspective.
By Adam Kelly
In an interesting case (First Personnel Services Limited v Halfords Limited) decided at the end of 2016, a client terminated the services of a recruitment agency with which it had dealt over many years...
By   Simcocks
Under the Manx and UK copyright legislation it is not an infringement of a design document to make industrially articles in accordance with the design which are not themselves artistic works, including works of artistic craftsmanship.
By   Simcocks
The use of hyperlinks to access third party websites is such a common part of internet communication that it is hard to imagine that they might give rise to a claim of infringement of copyright in material on the site being accessed.
By   Simcocks
As the Isle of Man eGaming Summit draws closer, one topic sure to be of interest and discussion is eSports.
By Adam Kelly
From August 12 2016 when the UK's Insurance Act 2015 takes effect there will be differences affecting business (ie non-consumer) policies issued in Isle of Man and those issued in UK, including renewals.