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By David Woodard
Earlier this month, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC" or "Commission") issued its annual Performance and Accountability Report, which highlights the Commission's enforcement activity over the prior year. The Report is of interest to employers because, among other reasons, it highlights the Commission's enforcement focus areas and might foreshadow enforcement trends in the coming year.
By Kelsey Mayo
We can provide valuable, preventive advice that enhances your bottom line in a wide range of situations. Times you should contact benefits counsel include when the company:
By Steven Mansfield Shaber, Iain Stauffer
Most psychologists will—sooner or later—learn about a case of suspected child abuse, neglect, death, or dependency that needs to be reported to proper authorities. They may only have a general awareness about what needs to be done.
By Emily M. Meeker
In 2002, New York City announced its support for preserving the High Line—turning an unused elevated railroad into a thriving park in the heart of Manhattan's West Side.
By Brett Carpenter
The news has been filled lately with reports of harassment allegations against all sorts of famous people. From politicians to movie stars, many public figures are finding themselves embroiled in legal battles based on their alleged harassing conduct.
By Saad Gul, Michael Slipsky
Last week, an unknown Twitter contractor briefly suspended President Trump's Twitter account. The episode lasted 11 minutes. On its face, it may seem like a relatively small matter, but existing law could make a federal case out of it.
By Robert Meyer
Can an employer be held liable under Title VII when it fires an employee based on a good faith belief that she falsely accused another employee of sexual harassment — even if that belief may have been based upon a mistake of fact?
By Andrew Erteschik, J.M. Durnovich
The opioid epidemic is an American tragedy. It is difficult to convey the breadth of the epidemic with a single statistic, but let this sink in: For every person killed by gun violence, three people will die from an opioid overdose.
By Wilson Hayman
On August 4, 2017, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released its first revocation of a hospital's tax exemption under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) for failure to comply with...
By Wilson Hayman
IRS Revokes Hospital's Exemption Under Section 501(C)(3) for Failure to Comply with Community Health Needs Assessment Requirements
By Kevin Ceglowski
On October 10, 2017, 76 companies filed a brief with the United States Supreme Court urging it to review Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital. The companies include Citrix Systems, Inc., RBC Capital Markets, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Google, Apple, American Airlines, Facebook, Uber, Starbucks, and the Miami Heat NBA franchise.
By Kenneth Burgess
The Citation of Immediate Jeopardy Deficiencies Against Nursing Facilities: Unforeseen Consequences; DOL Signals That It Will Not Support Obama Era Salary Basis Test...
By Kenneth Burgess, Iain Stauffer
The use of criminal background checks is becoming more prevalent as a form of credentialing for both individual and institutional health care providers seeking licensure, certification or the benefits...
By Kenneth Burgess
There are no words more feared by a skilled nursing facility Administrator during an annual recertification survey or complaint survey than these from a surveyor—"we're citing you for an Immediate Jeopardy."
By Eugene Griggs, Saad Gul
Gene Griggs and Saad Gul's article was originally published by Wolters Kluwer in the Journal of Pension Benefits, Summer 2017, Vol. 24, No. 4.
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