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By James Burch, Philip Paschalides, Steven Manning, Sam Shires, Garry Ferguson, Noeleen Ruddy, Therese Redmond, Jonathan Heaney
As CLO managers weigh up their retention options, Irish, Jersey and Guernsey domiciled 'originator' style retention vehicles have been gaining popularly with UK CLO managers...
By Philip Paschalides, Derek Stenson, Daniel Wood, Denise Wong, Alexandra Corner, John Rogers
All companies carrying on insurance or reinsurance business in or from within the Cayman Islands must be licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority pursuant to the Insurance Law, 2010 (as amended) ...
By Barnaby Gowrie, Neil Lupton, Fraser Hern, John O'Driscoll, Gordon Davidson, Jason Taylor, Fiona MacAdam
The Ocean Rig restructuring process demonstrates that the Cayman Islands scheme of arrangement process is flexible and is well equipped to work through complex restructurings.
By Eoin O’Connor, Kerill O'Shaughnessy, Jonathan Sheehan, Eimear Keane, Emily Davy, Paul Farrell
A LO Fund may be established as a sub-fund of a QIAIF umbrella fund structure without restricting the ability of the umbrella fund to have other sub-funds which are not LO Funds.
By Derek Stenson, Ariane West, Jonathan Betts, Phelecia Barnett
The Tax Reform Act was designed to clamp down on the escape of foreign profi ts from current taxation and outlined the fi rst provisions for the taxation of offshore US foreign controlled companies.
By James Burch, Philip Paschalides, Steven Manning, Garry Ferguson, Noeleen Ruddy, Therese Redmond
2017 has been the year for debut managers in the CLO space.
By Stephen Ozanne
Initial token offerings (ITOs), also called initial coin offerings (ICOs), token launches or token generation events, are one of the latest trends in financial services.
By Garry Ferguson, Eoin O’Connor, Kerill O'Shaughnessy, Noeleen Ruddy, Andrew Traynor, Shane Martin
The Department of Finance has previously indicated to the market in its national discretions feedback statement that Ireland will be largely adopting a copy-out approach when implementing MiFID II.
By Garry Ferguson, Eoin O’Connor, Kerill O'Shaughnessy, Noeleen Ruddy, Andrew Traynor, Shane Martin
The MiFID II Regulations transpose Directive 2014/65/EU on Markets in Financial Instruments, along with elements of Regulation 600/2014/ EU, the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation...
By Andrew Miller
Particularly over the last five or so years, the world has become much more complex for UHNW international families.
By Walkers Global
No explanation was provided, and the dissenters made demand for payment after the date for payment had passed.
By Kevin Taylor, Nicole Tovey
In a first of its kind for Bermuda, Taylors successfully obtained an anti-suit injunction preventing a foreign arbitration, in favour of Bermuda Court proceedings.
By Andrew Miller, Nick Dunne, Stuart Rowe
Pursuant to the Immigration Law (2015 Revision) (the "Immigration Law") and accompanying regulations, the Chief Immigration Officer of the Cayman Islands may grant two distinct categories of residency...
By Rupert Bell, Joanne Collett
As such, Mangatal J. confirmed that "the circumstances of the case warrant the Court granting orders in relation to the appointment of a forensic expert to carry out a forensic audit.
By Brendan O'Brien, Eoin Ryan
The Companies (Accounting) Act 2017 came into force on 9 June 2017 in order to bring the Companies Act 2014 into line with the latest EU accounting rules and remedy certain unintended consequences of the CA 2014.
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