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By Erex Chen
In current trademark application practice, many trademark applications are rejected due to the similarity with the cited trademark.
By Erex Chen
In international trade, transaction relating to equipment import to China occurs frequently.
By Erex Chen
Trade secret is one of the key factors which enable the company to keep competitive in the market.
By Erex Chen
We are frequently asked by the clients that if the company has the right to monitor the employee's corporate email account, and will it be legal in China?
By Erex Chen
Loss of acquirable interest refers to the loss of expected interest due to the breach of contract by one party.
By Erex Chen
On 6 June 2016, China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA") published Administrative Measures on Product Formula Registration of Infant Formula Milk Powder ("Measures") for purpose...
By Erex Chen
Domestic sales optional tariff expropriation policy refers to the goods which are manufactured or processed in the customs special supervision areas and sold in domestic market are subject to tariff...