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By Susann Schaffter, Barbara Schnell
As trustees we are frequently confronted with arguments according to which keeping proper financial accounts would be expendable.
By Mandaris  
This arrangement is usually executed via the Security Trust Deed.
By Michèle Döring
The redomiciliation of a foundation does usually not constitute a deemed liquidation when emigrating.
By Natasa Stevanovic
Was als beruflicher Grund anerkannt ist, wurde bisher von beiden Staaten sehr un-terschiedlich beurteilt.
By Mandaris  
The beneficiary can be a natural or legal person, a trust or another foundation.
By Sarah White
The role of the security trustee is to represent the interests of the holders of notes, who have invested their monies, by taking on the benefit on behalf of the noteholders (and on its own behalf...
By Sarah White
In its simplest form a security trustee is the person or entity holding the various security interests created on trust for the secured creditors, such as banks or bondholders in a financial transaction...
By Mandaris  
Although the smallest member of the European Union (EU), Malta is a leading European financial centre and is one of the most cost-effective onshore jurisdictions in Europe to form a company.
By Mandaris  
Malta, traditionally a civil law jurisdiction, has adopted the trust law into its legislation and permits therefore not only the establishment of trusts, but also accepts and recognises foreign trusts...
By Rafael Eigenmann
Brazil and Switzerland signed a Double Tax Treaty (DTT) on May 03, 2018. The treaty was signed in Brasilia by the secretary of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Department, Mr Jorge Rachid...
By Susann Schaffter
Das FinfraG (Finanzmarktinfrastrukturgesetz) ist ein Schweizer Bundes-gesetz, welches sich auf alle Schweizer Gesellschaften auswirkt, die im Handelsregister eingetragen sind.
By Alexandre Von Heeren
Die Regeln hinsichtlich der Offenlegung sind über die Jahre hinweg allgegenwärtig geworden.
By Alexandre Von Heeren
. Die meisten bis anhin angeführten Argumente und Vorbehalte greifen heute nicht mehr.
By Alexandre Von Heeren
Asset holding structures and their uses have been the subject of frequent media misrepresentation.
By Erika Vella
The increase of the exchange of data between economic and social, public and private sectors across the Union has created the need for a stronger and more coherent data protection framework.