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By James Haikney
The Government is consulting on the way small generators are paid for electricity they export to the grid –what is proposed, and what does this mean?
By Peter Parker, Nick Dunn
Continuing our series examining key community-led housing concepts, we look at cohousing as an alternative to more conventional projects.
By Peter Parker, Nick Dunn
In this article Nick Dunn and Peter Parker look at what a community land trust is and why they are popular for community-led housing projects.
By Alacoque Marvin
A look ahead to some of the key changes impacting on employers planned for 2019/20
By Alacoque Marvin
In December, EHRC published a report on the first round of gender pay gap reporting, focusing on explanatory narratives and action plans.
By Elizabeth Pearson
Only for rock stars and professional footballers" was once the perception, but the reality is now much different.
By Lynne Bradey
You might be surprised to find that the answer is yes.
By Emma Ridge
We look at the impact of proposed changes to enfranchisement law – community-led housing (CLH) groups should respond before 7 January 2019.
By Alacoque Marvin
November's cases include another "gig economy" decision, this time in the EAT
By Alacoque Marvin
Yes, the refusal of a contractual right to a four week trial period in an alternative role is very likely to lead to an unfair dismissal (EAT).
By Alacoque Marvin
Incapability dismissal may be unfair and discriminatory if employee is contractually entitled to income when incapacitated by permanent disability.
By Kimberley Woodhead, Ann Duchart
This article explores the new proposed fees for obtaining a Grant of Probate in England and Wales announced by the Government this month.
By Joseph Thompson
If you are a partner of a farming partnership business, it is worth having a written agreement containing the terms of the partnership
By Chris Billington
The sector is under fire again. What is being done and what can you do?
By Alacoque Marvin
The claimants were private hire drivers.
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