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By Graham Shaw
We take a look here at what we can learn from the speech by the Shadow Education Secretary, Angela Rayner, to the Labour Party Conference.
By Graham Shaw
We take a look here at what was new in the key policy announcements made by Damian Hinds in his speech to the Conservative Party Conference.
By Emma Ridge
We look at the impact of community-led housing group's policies on the covenants in its leases - the written obligations between landlord and tenant.
By Thomas Mundy
A qualified person can be appointed as deputy for property and financial affairs by virtue of holding an office in an approved organisation.
By Alacoque Marvin
However, it is likely that new statutory guidance will encourage school employers to set out more clearly expectations about staff relationships outside school.
By Wrigleys Solicitors
When it is not reasonable in the circumstances for the person receiving the notice to construe it as a resignation.
By Wrigleys Solicitors
In Mutombo-Mpania v Angard Staffing Solutions Ltd, the EAT upheld the preliminary decisions of an employment tribunal that the claimant had not done enough to prove ...
By Wrigleys Solicitors
In R (on the application of AR) v Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police and another, the Supreme Court has upheld a judgment of the Court of Appeal ...
By Wrigleys Solicitors
In Saad v Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, the EAT has ruled that the key question for deciding whether an allegation was made in bad faith ...
By Wrigleys Solicitors
In Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake, the Court of Appeal overturned an EAT decision that care workers were actually working throughout a sleep-in shift.
By Wrigleys Solicitors
From 2 July 2018, HMRC will apply all National Minimum Wage (NMW) liabilities, including the full penalty amount, to the new employer following a TUPE transfer.
By Wrigleys Solicitors
Employment tribunal quarterly statistics for the period April to June 2018 have been published by the Ministry of Justice.
By Alexandra Slater
We look at an example of utilising school land and property, and how the school and academy trust should act.
By Emma Lowe
HMRC has further updated its guidance on compliance with the legislation of the registration of trusts which had tax liability.
By Lynne Bradey
Attorneys have very limited powers to make gift without the Court's approval.
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