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By Gwendolyn Lewis, Erik Lincoln (Paragon Law)
Should you find your company managing a claim of sexual harassment, many tough decisions lie ahead. Most of those decisions will be aimed at preserving the safety of employees...
By Kathleen Lucchesi
If you're a baseball fan, you know that pitchers and catchers have long since reported to either Florida or Arizona, exhibition games are already underway, and Opening Day is right around the corner.
By Tricia Derr
As a Bar, we need to look after our flock. Like the penguins taking turns standing on the cold perimeter of the flock, we must all contribute to the greater good of our community. Dedication to pro bono work, Bar programs, teaching opportunities and professionalism is a shared responsibility.
By Tricia Derr
In the courtroom, timing is everything. Any "miss" is a costly one. Timing requires cadence. Execution of timing is one trial skill firmly rooted in pure experience.
By Tricia Derr
To the point, my recommendation relating to the hognose snake and horned lizard is "playing possum" isn't always a bad idea.
By Tricia Derr
Unlike the wily octopus, trial lawyers often have the instinct to be seen. We often fail to analyze the power of subterfuge or selective presence.
By Tricia Derr
Like the Dingo, great trial teams identify, cultivate and potentiate individual talent. Each member is aware of, and accountable for, their own responsibilities. Strategy is well-planned and practiced.
By Tricia Derr
Humpback whales circle schools of krill, blowing giant bubbles deep under the ocean. The whales know the krill will not swim through bubbles. The "bubble wall" conveniently cages the krill and the whales expend minimal energy for their meal
By Tricia Derr
I've seen many attorneys who simply cannot resist the scrap. They cannot wait for the big fish. However, the reward is often worth the wait. Concede the facts that do not matter and focus on the critical facts in your theory of the case.
By Tricia Derr
Great trial lawyers do not have defined characteristics or specific traits. You don't have to look a certain way or have a certain personality to be effective. You don't even have to have good grades in law school or graduate from any specific program. You have, to be honest, genuine, deliberate and prepared. Really, you just need to care and the rest will follow. Caring makes all the difference.
By Tricia Derr
Trial by Nature #2 - Tips to Survival in the Courtroom
By Jeremy Sugg
Anyone with significant training in self-defense or martial arts will tell you that fighting should always be your last resort.
By Tricia Derr
The frilled-neck lizard of Australia is a brownish-gray lizard. Nothing is special about it – until you scare it. I first saw the "frilled lizard technique" in the courtroom while trying a medical malpractice case against a highly reputable attorney ("Famous Lawyer"). Knowing we were up against one of the best, we worked tirelessly to prepare our star expert for what would certainly be a brutal cross-examination.
By Kevin Pratt
Business litigation takes a significant amount of time and money. In most instances, litigating a business divorce through a verdict at trial runs counter to a business's profitability goals. However, there are notable exceptions in which a business will benefit from litigation during a business divorce.
Sara details personal litigation and trial experiences, where she had to stand tall and show true "woman power." Throughout her professional career, she has continuously made courageous decisions – this is particularly noted in her launch of and belief in the success of her women-owned and managed legal practice: Lincoln Derr.