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By Andrés Chong Qui Toris
The Ministerial Agreement No. 398, issued on 13 July 2006 by the Secretary of Labor, expressly prohibited the "dismissal of employees based on their health, suffering from HIV-AIDS".
By Salomé Dávalos Sánchez
In Ecuador, the public body of control and regulation of commercial corporations has the wrong idea that foreign corporations and their branch offices are different legal entities...
By Gabriela Rodríguez M.
We believe that the Ecuadorian government should implement a new formula allowing for the determination of payments in advance based on income produced, and not according to assets held by taxpayers.
By Mayrita Plua Burgos
To avoid a penalty for a decision of employer liability of a work accident, the employer should do more than just notify the accident.
By Gonzalo Noboa K.
Ecuador is following the tendency set by several countries worldwide of providing a greater use of the Electronic Signature, which grants authenticity to documents transmitted or filed in digital formats.
By Andrés Chong Qui Toris
The scope of ineffective dismissal has increased through many channels, from laws and ministerial resolutions to high court judgments. Here is explained what we have up to now in terms of workers covered by the irremovability principle.
By Nathalie Viteri Jiménez
The Regulations for the Imposition and Collection of Fines whose target corresponds to the Superintendence of Companies, specify restrictively those cases in which the fine set forth in Article 25 and others of the Companies Act is charged...