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By Kirk Jenkins
Over the last two weeks, we've reviewed Justice Freeman's question patterns in civil and criminal cases.
By Matthew Ferguson, Sean Simpson, Andrew Milne, Ed Smerdon, Tristan Hall, Michael Sabino
Litigation funding is growing rapidly with the emergence of new funds and wealthy individuals willing to back cases in an ever-expanding number of jurisdictions, including in the US and the UK. It is enabling claims to be brought by private individuals and small to medium sized companies with limited resources.
By Kirk Jenkins
Yesterday, we looked at the court's experience with amicus briefs in criminal cases for the first half of our study period, 1994-2005. Today, we look at the data for the second half of the period.
By Kirk Jenkins
Last week, we reviewed the year-by-year data since 1994 for amicus briefs, looking at whether more amici tend to support the petitioner or the respondent.
By Kirk Jenkins
Yesterday, we showed that unlike many of his colleagues, Justice Freeman does not tend to ask the party he's voting against more questions at oral argument – he averages more questions...
By Diana Karnes
In a 5-3 decision in Bank of America Corp. et al. v. City of Miami, Florida (No. 15-1111 and No. 15-1112, May 1, 2017), the United States Supreme Court held that the City of Miami ("City") was an...
By Kirk Jenkins
Last week, we looked at the pattern of Justice Freeman's questioning in oral arguments in civil cases, analyzing whether he tends to ask more questions of the party he will ultimately vote...
By Alexandra Block, Laurie Kamaiko
On May 11, 2017, the White House issued an executive order aimed at strengthening the cybersecurity of federal networks and critical infrastructure.
By Cinthia Motley
U.S. Regulator Warns of "Evidence" of Global Cyber Assault Occurring Inside the U.S. and Steps Your Company Should Take Against a Ransomware Attack
By Kirk Jenkins
Yesterday, we looked at the year-by-year data in civil cases, dividing total amicus briefs up by the side supported – petitioner, respondent, and neither side/can't determine.
By Kirk Jenkins
For the past several weeks, we've been reviewing the Supreme Court tenure of soon-to-retire Justice Kathryn Werdegar.
By Kirk Jenkins
Yesterday, we began analyzing Justice Freeman's question patterns in civil cases.
By Kirk Jenkins
Last week, we analyzed Justice Garman's question patterns in criminal cases. This week, we address Justice Freeman's question pattern in civil cases.
By John Stephens
That is the story about a loss of our privacy and security by the new Congress.
By Veena Mitchell
Depending on the source, between one half to two-thirds of adults in the United States take a dietary supplement of some kind every day.