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By Sabina Mexis
Canada's wealthiest individuals have been put under a microscope.The CRA has launched a project dubbed the "Postal Code Project" that is targeting taxpayers residing in affluent neighbourhoods across Canada.
By Samantha Hamilton (Student-at-Law)
This past June the Supreme Court of Canada released a decision involving the application of a worldwide injunction, Equustek v Google
By Nicolas Di Nardo
The Toronto Police Service is now being examined by the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC).
By Frank Shostack
Any business that has two or more shareholders or equity investors should seriously consider having a shareholder agreement to protect not only the shareholders, but also the business itself.
By Mark Seymour
In the UK, parents who are going through a separation or divorce could potentially be denied contact with their children if they try to turn them against their former spouse or partner.
By Samantha Hamilton (Student-at-Law)
Third party litigation financing presently plays a role in class actions and personal injury cases in Canada. ATE insurance is increasingly common for plaintiffs to obtain in pursuing a personal injury case.
By Alexandra J. Tratnik
Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017, has passed its third and final reading with the Ontario Legislature and will very soon become law.
By Anthony-George D'Andrea
In the City of Toronto consent applications are required for a variety of reasons, however, one of the most common ones is to divide land into multiple lots.
By David Schell
After a number of court appearances there has been a major development in the case involving a man who claims he ran over someone to save a woman's life.
By Sabina Mexis
On November 14, 2017, Charles Sousa, the Minister of Finance for Ontario, released the 2017 Fall Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review.
By Sabina Mexis
Two online payment companies that operate within Canada have been ordered to turn over information about their account holders to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
By Tyler Teichert
Ontario has recently introduced an amendment to the provincial Family Law Act that aims to make all adult children with disabilities, regardless of the martial status of their parents, eligible for child support.
By Samantha Hamilton (Student-at-Law)
In a decision released this summer, the Supreme Court of Canada has clarified that a psychiatric diagnosis is not required to find damages for mental illness.
By Samantha Hamilton (Student-at-Law)
Unless specific circumstances have been met in a criminal case, or the case in question is a Reference, appeals are heard by the Supreme Court only if leave to appeal is given.
By Marly Peikes
The tools for resolving disputes under the Condominium Act, 1998 (the "Condo Act") were mandatory private mediation-arbitration and the courts.
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