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By Dwipo Lubis Baskoro & Partners
FERRERE advised a German based wind turbines manufacturer, ENERCON GMBH, through its subsidiary Agua Leguas S.A...
By Dwipo Lubis Baskoro & Partners
Trademarks make it easy for consumers to find you
By Dwipo Lubis Baskoro & Partners
As part of its efforts to ensure fair competition in the market place, Indonesia promulgated on 4 June 1996 the Government regulation No. 34/1996 on Anti Dumping and Countervailing Duties.
By Dwipo Lubis Baskoro & Partners
It is irrefutable that conducting a freedom to operate search, also known as "infringement search", before commencing trading in Indonesia is a very important strategy to avoid the possibility of infringing patent rights in Indonesia.
By Dwipo Lubis Baskoro & Partners
A trademark is an embodiment of human intellectual works that has significant roles in facilitating and improving trade of goods and services, and investment.
By Damar Swarno Dwipo
Processes, uses, chemical compositions cannot be claimed in simple patents, but are claimable only in normal patents.
By Damar Swarno Dwipo
We can say that the first technology was a rock. People in prehistoric times used rocks to make fire.
By Haryo Baskoro
The Indonesian aviation sector has grown rapidly in the last of a decade. To date there are more than 30 (thirty) private aviation companies in Indonesia.
By Dwipo Lubis Baskoro & Partners
HT is the nearest equivalent to a "mortgage" as understood in other jurisdictions. Assets that can be secured by HT are rights on land and assets which form an inseparable part of the land.