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By Şahin Ardiyok, Fırat Eğrilmez
So far, an efficient leniency practice has been a remarkable policy objective for the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA).
By Şahin Ardiyok, Gediz Çınar
The first step to the Turkish Presidential System is taken by Statutory Decree No. 698 of 74 articles, which was published in the Official Gazette on July 4, 2018.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Evren Sesli
Recently the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA) announced a new reasoned decision in relation to Turkish beer market and has preserved the rule for beer coolers.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Bora Ikiler, Sercan Sağmanlıgil
Many say, "data is the new oil". It is an inevitable fact that data is such a powerful tool today; however many of us are concerned about our privacy especially after Facebook Scandal.
By Şahin Ardiyok, İlker Kıl
Incentives can be defined as non-market benefits used to influence the behavior of the investors. There is a wide variety of incentives ranging from tax exemptions to the freedom from having to comply...
By Şahin Ardiyok, Fırat Eğrilmez, Emin Köksal
One of the interesting antitrust cases in Turkey in 2017 is the investigation of the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA) concerning 13 international banks, for their conducts in syndicated loan markets.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Emin Köksal, Dilara Yeşilyaprak
We previously mentioned that certain changes were foreseen in relation to the Guidelines on Vertical Agreements and that Draft Guidelines on Vertical Agreements (Draft Guidelines) was prepared in relation to the changes foreseen
By Şahin Ardiyok, İlker Kıl
The public procurement system has great importance in terms of effective use of public resources considering the public procurements' 24% share in the gross domestic product of Turkey.
By Şahin Ardiyok, İlker Kıl
One of the main purposes of the 6446 numbered EMA is to create a competitive electricity market considering that the historical development of the electricity market in the country has started...
By Şahin Ardiyok, Gediz Çınar
On November 16, 2017, the Administrative Court of Ankara took a decision which will set a crucially important precedent by accepting our claims with regards to recognition of attorney-client privilege ...
By Şahin Ardiyok, Ceren Ustunel
On January 6, 2018, the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA) published its annual Mergers and Acquisitions Status Report for 2017.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Ezgi Feride Bayindir
The Turkish competition watchdog, TCA, has put its signature under a milestone decision for the distribution practices of Anadolu Efes, the leading beer brand, holding the dominant position in Turkey.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Pınar Artiran
The 11th WTO Ministerial Conference was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina during December 10-13, 2017, and ended with neither a major breakthrough agreement nor a Ministerial Declaration, ...
By Şahin Ardiyok, Sercan Sağmanlıgil
In the first quarter of last year, the TCA launched an investigation regarding the vehicle insurance market on the grounds that alleged anticompetitive agreements or concerted practices arose through...
By Şahin Ardiyok, Pınar Artiran
On 4 December, the Council approved new rules to help protect the EU against unfair trade practices.
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