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By Oliver Quarmby, Alexandra O’Grady
Principal changes in the revised AIC Code of Corporate Governance are relevant for boards of directors of certain Guernsey and Jersey companies
By Paul Moxey
Over a quarter of a century since the Cadbury Code, we should fully understand governance and be able to tell a well, from a poorly, governed company.
By Jacqui McKinlay
Demonstrating commitment to sound business ethics is a critical component of trust in business. This is often partly captured in corporate social responsibility (CSR)
By Jessica Radke
Directors have a special responsibility to be well informed about what is happening within the companies they oversee
By Peter Montagnon
Imagine you are on the board of a motor manufacturing company. Technology nowadays permits a level of automation in cars that will make our roads safer and lead to fewer deaths
By Sonia Sharma
Sara Drake studied law at the University of Cambridge and has spent much of her career working in the media sector for both publishing and television
By Sonia Sharma
The founder and CEO of AgriLedger, talks about blockchain solutions, a fairer food industry supply chain and the value of good governance.
By Cecile Gillard
Charities and non-charities can develop a healthy partnership
By Lydia Newman
Maternity pay and shared parental leave pay do not have to be equal
By Ben Harber
What happens if you're not ready to meet statutory requirements on time?
By Robert Bell
Will the CMA face more rigorous scrutiny of its competition investigations following the Concordia case?
By Paul McFarlane
In the first case of its kind, in Furlong v Chief Constable of Cheshire, an Employment Tribunal (ET) found a police force's recruitment process had directly discriminated against a white, heterosexual, male applicant.
By Robert Bell
Although well-established in the US, competition class actions have struggled to find their feet in the UK since being introduced by the UK Government some four years ago.
By Andrew Kakabadse
Leaders heading up multinational organisations should be able to appreciate the big picture and zoom in on the smallest of details.
By Russell Cockburn
This month's column looks at a few recent tax case judgements of interest to those involved in the owner managed business sector and in particular the nature of the voting rights and other rights attributable to...
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