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By Daniel M. Goldberg (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz)
On July 5, 2017, the FTC announced a settlement with Blue Global Media, LLC and its CEO Christopher Kay over allegations that the company solicited consumers to provide sensitive information...
By Allison Fitzpatrick (Davis & Gilbert LLP)
Instagram recently unveiled a new "branded content tool" that will allow influencers who are paid to endorse consumer products to tag partnering brands with an automated "paid partnership" disclosure.
By Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros (Abril Abogados)
Copyright is not an exact science, it depends on the particular features of the author's work, we all know that.
By Julika Wahlmann-Smith (Hesketh Henry)
Pricing concerns were responsible for the largest number of complaints to the Commerce Commission last year.
By Ebba Hoogenraad (Hoogenraad & Haak)
The sportsmen and women among us often carry Dextro Energy: the glucose tablets are known to make a contribution to the muscles.
By Daniël Haije (Hoogenraad & Haak)
In the autumn of 2016 the pride of the Netherlands, Max Verstappen, appeared in a television ad for Jumbo.
By Ebba Hoogenraad (Hoogenraad & Haak)
In Europe the principle of mutual recognition applies: if a product is validly marketed in a Member State, then in principle that same product may be sold throughout the rest of the EU.
By Virginie Liebermann (MOLITOR)
This website particularly concerns criminal content that affects the protection of the public interest in a digital public space.
By Felix Hofer (Hofer Lösch Torricelli)
Over the last years, the issue of effectively protecting IP rights on social media platforms has given rise to a heated debate.
By Stacy Bess
France recently enacted new legislation requiring that all altered or retouched commercial photographs of models, whose body appearance has been refined or thickened, be labelled as a retouched photograph.
By Felix Hofer (Hofer Lösch Torricelli)
The legal framework in Italy does not provide for regulations specifically meant to govern marketing performed in an online environment.
By Felix Hofer (Hofer Lösch Torricelli)
An Italian First Instance Court in Milan (Corporate and IP Section) was recently called to solve a dispute arisen between manufacturers of accessories for tiny dogs.
By Felix Hofer (Hofer Lösch Torricelli)
In most European countries marketing of legal services performed both by individual professionals as well as by law firms has always resulted in a delicate task.
By Asterios Syssilas (A&K Metaxopoulos and Partners)
It is undeniable that the relationship between the Greek state and the television stations has always been turbulent, and the legal status regarding these stations has always been uncertain.
By Caroline Bouvier (Bernard – Hertz – Béjot), Michel Béjot (Bernard – Hertz – Béjot)
A decree dated May 4, 2017 (the "Decree") provides that, starting on October 1, 2017, the Message must be presented in an accessible and visible way and must be clearly distinguished...