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By Gregory Rogers
A matter often overlooked is how employers deal with employees who have been subject to sexual harassment allegations.
By Anne Hurley
With the volatility of Bitcoin, property transactions are unlikely to be paid for entirely in Bitcoin in the near future.
By Murray Thornhill
Trial separations could allow couples to take a step back to reflect, contemplate, and to come to a mutual resolution.
By Daniel Morris
An adjudicator's determination cannot be challenged in a court unless the adjudicator had no power to make that award.
By Marcus Hodge
A recent Australian study found that 1 in 5 people have been the victim of electronic image-based abuse.
By Oscar Dell'Anna
Seek advice in understanding and complying with your legal obligations if you are required to give evidence to the Commission. .
By Nia Lumley
It is prudent and less costly to obtain legal advice in the preparation and execution of your Will.
By Biljana Radulovic
Heterosexual couples can separate, same-sex couples can separate, but their obligations to their children are unchanged.
By Alexandra Turner
A Power of Attorney document can be a valuable tool, but may be vulnerable to misuse, leading to elder abuse.
By Murray Thornhill
The words of the FW Act make it clear that any person involved in any breach could be penalised for any underpayment.
By James Tadros
Numerous recent cases have illuminated the difficulty that principals have in determining what their workers really are.
By Murray Thornhill
The New Year is a good time to reflect on the more serious aspects of your life and ensure your affairs are in order.
By Murray Thornhill
This guide will focus on lump sum contracts, but you should seek advice on the best payment regime for your business.
By Murray Thornhill
Time is usually of the essence, and the contractor often takes the risk of liability for delayed completion of works.
By Murray Thornhill
Most standard-form contracts provide that a contractor's works will be carried out in a "proper and workmanlike manner".
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