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By Murray Thornhill
Pending legislative change, this article includes nine tips to avoid falling victim to the scourge of elder abuse.
By Murray Thornhill
A 'safe harbour' protects directors to incur company debts which could have triggered a breach of insolvent trading laws.
By Murray Thornhill
Under proposed new Australian laws, social media networks could also face hefty fines for facilitating revenge porn.
By Simon Creek
Before any children, subject to proceedings, travel outside Australia, they must have written consent or a Court Order. .
By Murray Thornhill
Several jurisdictions have recently or are now reviewing their laws relating to protection of whistleblowers. .
By Murray Thornhill
Circumstances surrounding the entry into pre-nuptial agreements are considered when assessing their validity.
By Hayley Ellison
If you cannot agree to care arrangements for your children this Christmas, seek legal advice urgently. .
By Murray Thornhill
Costs of individual risk taking are high notwithstanding laws limiting liability where the injured takes an obvious risk. .
By Marcus Hodge
Regardless of whether Australia continues to avoid headline gun incidents, we are not immune from tragedy.
By Nicole Young
New legislation provides for new types of restraining orders including the FVRO and the Conduct Agreement. .
By Murray Thornhill
The reforms represent relief from unnecessary Government interference and encourage robust entrepreneurial risk taking.
By Simon Creek
The article notes high hopes for ODR, estimating that 20 percent of family law disputes could be resolved by the system.
By Simon Creek
After the start or end of a marriage, many people re-evaluate who should benefit from the estate following their death.
By Simon Creek
Legislation exists to ensure that a testator provides for those they had an obligation to support during their lifetime.
By Murray Thornhill
A new Bill aims to protect vulnerable workers from systemic non observance of rights and entitlements under the FW Act.
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