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By Stephen Thiele
Documentary evidence had to be gathered by witnesses and lawyers were engaged to represent a number of those witnesses.
By Kenneth Jull
Robert Frost wrote that "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both." The legislation for deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs /remediation agreements)
By Stephen Thiele
Dismissal under r. 2.1.01 upheld In the first case, Nikou v. Karageorgos1, Gavin Tighe, partner and certified specialist in civil litigation, and Jonathan Nehmetallah, litigation associate...
By Kenneth Jull
Monetary Penalties Levied Against Advisors In A Tax Case, Guindon V. Canada: Unconstitutional?
By Lindsay Ann Histrop
Alternate Planning To Secondary Wills For Avoiding Probate And Estate Administration Tax
By Stephen Thiele
Finality is an important concept in law. Finality provides certainty to the meaning of the law and ensures that the legal process is not endless.
By Lorne Saltman
This case involved a landmark transfer pricing dispute in which the Canada Revenue Agency (the "CRA") reassessed the taxpayer for additional income of CAD$483,431,713 for the years 2003-2006 ...
By Gavin Tighe, Stephen Thiele
Voltaire once said about the legal system, "I was never ruined but twice: once when I lost a lawsuit and once when I won one".
By Soma Ray‐Ellis
Cannabis In The Workplace: The New Wild West
By Gavin Tighe, Stephen Thiele
Quebec: on every piece of legislation between 1982 and 1985 and to maintain unilingual French only ... business signs
By Arlene O'Neill
What is Bitcoin?
By Jonathan Nehmetallah, Christine Jubian
Now that the production and sale of cannabis is legal, individuals and corporations should pay close attention to zoning by-laws within their respective municipality when determining where
By Heather Zordel
Started as Federal Government response to global warning and to support Paris Accord
By Lorne Saltman
Rectification is one of the equitable remedies available to a superior court of a province to relieve against that which is unfair, unconscionable, or unjust
By Lindsay Ann Histrop
Multiple will drafting technique seeks to avoid the 1.5% estate administration tax (EAT) on those assets which can typically be conveyed after death without probate.
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