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By Marco Pistis
Council Directive (EC) 86/653 on the coordination of the laws relating to commercial agents has been implemented in the UK by The Commercial Agents Regulations.
By Marco Pistis
It is universally recognised that a "signature" is the signatory name, written in the writers’ own hand on a paper document, the so called "manuscript signature". In spite of the generally held view to the contrary, most of the time signatures are not strictly necessary for a contract to be legally binding.
By Marco Pistis
The caveat emptor principle, that literally means let the buyer beware, has been followed for many years by the Courts of England. These simple words were an easy focus for judicial thought, a principle to be invoked when the going is difficult, a guide to be followed amid the baffling uncertainties of litigation.
By Marco Pistis
The Rome Convention - Different Approaches (June 2003)
By Marco Pistis
In order to clearly explain the effects of the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 19921 and to make an attempt to consider whether or not the new legislation can be regarded as an exhaustive and satisfactory piece of work we have to go back to 1855.
By Marco Pistis
Commercial Contract - literal and purposive approach.
By Marco Pistis
Article 10 (1) of the European Convention, reflecting the Universal Declaration of Human rights proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10th December 1948, states: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression