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By Umurcan Gago, Alper Onar, Pınar Karamahmutoğlu
Decree on the Process and Principles of the Structure and Operations of Turkish Wealth Fund Management Company and Turkish Wealth Fund.
By Sena Uz
In recent years foreign investors interested in Turkey often prefer to acquire enterprises rather than establishing new companies.
By Çağıl Sünbül
Employment contracts may be terminated by mutual agreement of the parties.
By İlknur Coşkun
The new Turkish Code of Obligations numbered 6098 became effective on 1 July 2012 and annulled the former Code of Obligations numbered 818.
By Zeki Gündüz
The income tax return filing period for individual income and earnings for the 2013 calendar year started on 1 March 2014.
By Zeki Gündüz
The first instance tax court decision in question is a leading decision in Turkish law in terms of the grounds on which it is based.
By Zeki Gündüz
Art. 73/3 of the Constitution clearly expresses that basic elements of taxation can only be determined by law.
By Tayfun Ercan, Can Yaman
The fact that decisions of the European Court of Human Rights apply to domestic law makes such decisions even more critical.
By Yavuz Dayıoglu, Ipek Okucu
The Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502 New LCP, which has been published in the Official Gazette on November 28, 2013, introduces significant regulations and amendments.
By Sena Uz
In Turkey, setting up a company is a well-known and straightforward procedure whilst liquidation of a company is a long and complicated procedure with challenges.
By Ogün Köprülü, LL.M.
A credit bureau is a company that collects information from various sources and provides consumer credit information on individuals for a variety of uses.
By Sezil Şimşek
Capital increase within Turkish equity companies is considered as a straight forward process, which is actually a complete misperception.
By Zeki Gündüz
As in every country, Turkish law provides various ways to solve tax disputes.
By Yavuz Dayıoglu
The regulations and incentives enacted in Turkey in recent years have opened the floodgates for Turkish entrepreneurs who have a business idea but not sufficient capital to attain domestic and foreign sources of finance, and to procure financial partners.
By Tayfun Ercan
In accordance with Article 35 of Law on Collection Procedure of Public Receivables No. 6183, proceedings for the limited company shareholders are performed by reference to their capital shares.