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By Gökçe İzgi, LL.M., Yonca Çelebi
The Turkish Medicine and Medical Device Agency, part of the Ministry of Health, recently announced that it had seized 73 types of counterfeit and smuggled pharmaceuticals...
By İpek Ünlü Tık, Burcu Güray
Turkey has removed the 7.5 working hours maximum limit for night shifts for employee and sub-employees in the tourism, private security and health service sectors, provided each employee gives their written consent.
By Orçun Çetinkaya, LL.M., Burak Baydar
Turkey has adjusted criminal and civil appeal periods to 15 days from the date a decision is notified to the parties, applying to decisions issued from 5 August 2017 onward
By Burcu Tuzcu Ersin, LL.M., C. Hazal Baydar, LL.M.
The employee was dismissed in 2007 on the basis he had been using an office communication account for personal purposes.
By Işık Özdoğan, LL.M., Yonca Çelebi
The Court of First Instance ruled in Company B's favor, holding the trademark's visual element to be secondary.
By Ezgi Baklacı Gülkokar, LL.M., Yonca Çelebi
The Turkish Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency ("Agency") has become a member of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S).
By Dr. E. Seyfi Moroğlu, LL.M., Burak Baydar
Turkey has announced confidential principles for public tenders related to defence, security, intelligence, or other matters which the respective ministry decided should be carried out confidentially.
By E. Benan Arseven, Burcu Güray
Turkey's Public Oversight, Accounting and Audit Standards Authority ("Authority") has amended rules and requirements for independent auditors from 1 January 2019.
By Dr. E. Seyfi Moroğlu, LL.M., Sevi İslamageç
Turkey has updated its state investment incentive scheme, prioritizing investments in laboratories across the country.
By İpek Ünlü Tık, C. Hazal Baydar, LL.M.
Turkey has updated its rules for obtaining and revoking employee consent for performing overtime work, as well as restrictions on the working hours for employees in underground mines.
By E. Benan Arseven, A. Başak Acar, LL.M.
Turkey has ratified an additional protocol to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road ("Convention").
By Burcu Tuzcu Ersin, LL.M., A. Ülkü Solak
Turkey has introduced a mandatory central registration system for e-commerce activities.
By E. Benan Arseven, İpek Ünlü Tık, Sevi İslamageç
Live in a residence with at least one person who received regular cash social aid for one year before the employee began work.
By E. Benan Arseven, Sevi İslamageç
Turkey has introduced major changes to the legislative regime governing the various types of industrial zones.
By E. Benan Arseven, Burak Baydar
In Turkey, employees of social security institutions are entitled to receive retirement bonuses after working for certain periods.
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