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By Gerard Van Spall
On 29 June 2016, the governments of Cyprus and India finalised amendments to the double tax treaty between the two countries.
By Wim Ritz, Freddy De Petter, Jan Vanhoutte
Following a change in UK law in 2015, it has become harder for non-UK residents to make tax-efficient investments in UK property.
By Vistra
If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I guess this age-old wisdom escaped the Mauritian authorities, for they have finally given in to the long-standing pressure of the Indian government to review the double taxation agreement (DTA).
By Daniel Xu
Several significant changes to China's tax policies took place in the first half of 2016. These changes are no surprise given the Chinese government's directions on how the economy should be carried forward.
By Rosario Di Maggio
In his conversation with Exportwise, Rosario shared his first-hand knowledge of the vast and complex country that is China.
By Vistra
The release of the Panama Papers highlights the chasm between those who want to eliminate the offshore financial industry and those who see it as critical in facilitating international trade and investment.
By Martin Crawford
Martin Crawford, CEO of Vistra Group, has joined other leading senior practitioners in providing his views on the implications of the Panama Papers on Hong Kong's regulatory regime.
By Rosario Di Maggio
As of 1 October 2015, under China's Social Credit System, newly incorporated companies and companies amending their registration details can apply for a new ‘three-in-one' licence to a single registration authority.
By Ming Pei Ong
The Singapore Budget 2016 focused on driving growth within the economy, and much of this stems from supporting small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
By Vistra
Singapore's finance minister Mr Heng Swee Keat presented this year's budget against a backdrop of a slowing global economy and its consequences for Singapore.
By Walter Stresemann
Walter Stresemann, Managing Director of Vistra Geneva, recently produced this article for the Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers (ARIF) Newsletter.
By Claudia Bolanos
On 18 January 2016 Hong Kong signed a double taxation agreement (DTA) with Russia.
By Gerard Van Spall
Various tax authorities and courts around the world are attacking structures which lack substance.
By Richalle Wee
According to ACRA's statutory requirement, a company must conduct an AGM within 15 months of the previous AGM or within 18 months for newly incorporated companies.
By Steven Rowland
Steven Rowland, Head of Business Development at Vistra Jersey, has had his article 'Trust in Jersey's Adaptability' featured in a special report on the Channel Islands in the IFC Economic Report.