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By Erdem & Erdem
The Resolution (No: 1130) on the Amendment to the Resolution on the Application of Additional Financial Obligation on the Import of Certain Goods Originating in the United States of America was published in the ...
By Melisa Sevinç Atılganer
The prohibition of financial assistance is one of the most significant changes introduced with Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 ("TCC).
By Duygu Oner
During the conclusion of an insurance contract, the insurance company does not have any information about the goods, life or liability subject to be covered by the insurance coverage.
By Ecem Susoy Uygun
On 16 May 2019, the European Commission has fined Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Citigroup, JPMorgan and MUFG Bank (formerly Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi) for taking part in two cartels ...
By Erdem & Erdem
The Resolution of the President dated 10.05.2019 and numbered 2019/1102 on Approval of the Agreement on Participation of the Republic of Turkey to the European Solidarity Program Between the Government of Republic of Turkey ...
By Fatih Işık
The first condition for consolidation is the presence of two or more arbitrations.
By Canan Doksat
It should be noted that the legal entity of an LLC, firstly, is responsible for the unpaid public receivables, such as tax debts, of the company.
By Mert Karamustafaoglu
One of the most important determinations of the Council of State's Decision concerns responsibility under private law.
By Hande Pat
These two situations are evaluated, below.
By Tilbe Birengel
Witness conferencing is a means of taking evidence that is widely used in international arbitration practise. It is also applicable in court litigation in some jurisdictions.
By Yesim Tokgoz
Labor law is a very dynamic branch of law which is intertwined with daily life. It is very important to evaluate the problems encountered according to the characteristics of the factual events.
By Nezihe Boran Demir
With the introduction of the amendments to Capital Markets Law No. 6362 ("Capital Markets Law") on December 2017, crowdfunding has been legally accepted.
By Erdem & Erdem
The Resolution (No: 846) on Approval of the Memorandum of Understanding Regarding the Arrangement of the Third UNWTO-UNESCO World Tourism and Culture Conference Between the Republic of Turkey and ...
By Özgür Kocabaşoğlu
As is clear from this provision, it is possible to grant the right to be represented on the board of directors through two methods.
By H. Ercüment Erdem
Both share purchase agreements and shareholders agreements are of a contractual nature.
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