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By Neda Sretović
When the owner of a leading French industrial company was asked to choose between the fire in his factory and the loss of his trademark, he claimed he would choose fire, because the new factory could be built in shorter time and with less expense than creating the new trademark.
By Bojana Babic
In 2009 , the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on Planning and Construction (("Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia", no. 72/2009 and 81/2009) ) inter alia aiming to legalise the privatization procedure of state-owned construction land through the conversion of the right to use the land into an ownership right.
By Bojana Babic
The Parliament of the Republic of Serbia has adopted the Law on Stimulating Construction Industry of the Republic of Serbia in a response to the new Conditions of the Economic Crisis (hereinafter referred to as: the "Law").
By Bojana Babic
The new Law on Bankruptcy (Zakon o stečaju, Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, n.104/09) was enacted on 11 December 2009.