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By Luís Adams, Michel Sancovski, Liliana Coutinho, Daniel L. Stein
On Friday, August 24, 2018, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit held in a 73-page opinion in United States v. Hoskins
By Luís Adams, Michel Sancovski, Daniel L. Stein, Liliana Coutinho
In a recent speech during an Anti-Corruption Compliance event, held in Washington D.C., Deputy Assistant Attorney General Matthew S. Miner ...
By Cristiane Manzueto, Natalia Menezes, Eduardo Maccari Telles
In continuity with the Patent Prosecution Highway program ("PPH"), the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office ("BPTO") published in the Industrial Property Bulletin No. 2487
By Alexandre Chequer, Eduardo Lima, Débora Yanasse
A Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica ("Aneel") realizou, em 31 de agosto de 2018, o Leilão A-6 de 2018, para a contratação de energia elétrica proveniente de novos empreendimentos de geração de fontes hidrelétrica
By Alexandre Chequer, Eduardo Lima, Débora Yanasse
On August 31, 2018, ANEEL held the 2018 A-6 Auction to contract electric energy from new hydro, wind and thermo (coal, natural gas and biomass) power projects
By Bruno Belchior, André Lemos, Livia Seabra V. de Lima, Henrique Rojas, Isabella Vieira Mendonça, Patricia Pereira Winter
On August 30, 2018, Resolution No. 10/2018 of the National Energy Policy Council ("CNPE") was published in the Federal Official Gazette, establishing the guidelines ...
By Paulo de Bessa Antunes, Vilmar Gonçalves, Bárbara Colaço
On August 10, 2018, Normative Instruction IBAMA No. 18/2018 was published, which has extended the deadline for all legal entities to express their interest ...
By Eduardo Soto
The Brazilian Supreme Court (STF), in a judgment session concluded on August 30, 2018, decided by majority vote (7 to 4) for the constitutionality and lawfulness of hiring outsourced workforce...
By Cristiane Manzueto, Natalia Menezes, Eduardo Maccari Telles
In the latest chapter regarding the pilot project of shared priority examination, the Patent Prosecution Highway ("PPH"), the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office ("BPTO") published in the Official Industrial Property Bulletin No. 2485, dated August 21, 2018, Resolution No. 223, which sets forth the regulation of the program signed with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office - DKPTO.
By Gustavo Fernandes de Andrade, Luciana Celidonio, Amanda Pierre Moreira
When ruling the Special Appeal No. 1.727.979-MG, the Third Section of the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice unanimously decided that the partial membership dissolution of a company arising...
By Luís Adams, Michel Sancovski, Luiz Santiago, Louise Dias, Maria Eugenia Kanazawa, Alisson Fabro, Maria Eduarda Corteletti
In July, 2018, the Ministry of Transparency and Comptroller General of the Federal Union ("CGU") issued Ordinance No. 1,970 to amend provisions of Ordinance CGU No. 910 ...
By Eduardo Maccari Telles, Cristiane Manzueto, Daniel Becker, Natalia Menezes
On August 14, 2018, the Brazilian Data Protection Law was signed, with vetoes, by President Michel Temer.
By Leonardo Morato, Luciana Celidonio, José Guilherme Botelho
In a decision published on August 8, 2018, the 1st Panel of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) unanimously recognized the right of a company under judicial reorganization to participate in a bidding
By Eduardo Gaban, Natali de Vicente Santos, Fernanda Martino, Barbara Luvizotto, Bruno Magalhães, Alexandre B. Calmon
On July 27, 2018, the Secretariat of Foreign Trade ("SECEX") initiated two sunset reviews according to SECEX Circulars No. 30 and 32 published in the Brazilian Federal Official Gazette ("D.O.U.").
By Bruno Triani Belchoir, André Lemos, Henrique Rojas, Patricia Pereira Winter, Livia Seabra V. de Lima, Isabella Vieira Mendonça
On July 20, 2018, following a period of public consultation, the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels ("ANP") published the tender protocol of the Permanent Offer of areas...
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