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By CAO Yanghui, Wilson Wang
China, the world's biggest soy buyer, imported a record volume of soybeans in 2013...
By Xu Congbao, Qiu Yuhao
On 22 February 2012, there was a major collision between vessel MM and ZH off Hong Kong.
By Chen Xiangyong, Lucas Feng
Before Special Maritime Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China took into force in 2000 (SMPL 2000), three judicial interpretations were issued by the PRC Supreme Court to regulate forced sale of ships.
By Wang Jing & Co
On 14 March 2014, China Water Transport Net reported that Tsuji Heavy Industries had recently launched the world first LNG fueled multipurpose general cargo vessel.
By Wang Jing & Co
Cleaner air is the top consideration for the proposed energy plan.
By John Wang, Lucas Feng
As reported by 21CBH on 18 February 2014, Hong Kong officials visited Beijing lobbying on the formation of the Pearl River Delta Emissions Control Area (ECA).
As the ship-induced pollution causes serious damage to the oceanic ecological environment and also incurs huge economic loss, the Chinese Government has acceded to various International Conventions and adopted domestic legislations for oil pollution prevention. The latest development is the promulgation of the Regulations on Prevention and Control of Ship-Induced Pollution to Marine Environment (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations), which have come into force since 1st March, 2010.
By Maarten Roos
It is well-known that in China the problem of intellectual property protection lies not with the laws which are relatively comprehensive and basically comply with the obligations under the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs).
By Maarten Roos
This article outlines the key legal issues in the fields of commercial transactions, corporate activities and intellectual property rights protection that many companies face.