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By Dudley Kneller
This whitepaper explores the effect that the Google GDPR decision will have on data protection for Australian companies.
By Rohan Ingleton
This recent case found that a landlord needed to undertake repair and maintenance of items that were leased to a tenant.
By Marcus Memmolo
These changes to the Privacy Act propose to increase the powers of the OAIC and increase penalties for privacy breaches.
By Rohan Ingleton
Whether or not a lease is a retail lease is a matter of law and parties cannot make a lease retail simply by agreement.
By Rebecca Van Langenberg
The 'auditor cases' highlight risks for SMSF advisers, and implications from a professional and financial standpoint.
By Catherine Tan
It is important to understand basic concepts of defamation in Australia to ensure you do not breach legal requirements.
By Rebecca Van Langenberg
These NSW cases highlight SMSF audit risk and provide highly useful, transferable lessons for accountants and lawyers.
By Catherine Ballantyne
Special conditions in leases must be carefully drafted so that landlord and tenant are both aware of their obligations.
By Rohan Ingleton
With respect to subletting, the relevant clause only stated that the landlord could not unreasonably withhold consent.
By Rebecca Van Langenberg
A recent finding of the Full Federal Court, the Aussiegolfa case, had major implications for the sole purpose test.
By Catherine Ballantyne
The Court determined an implied term of the contract required that building works be completed within a reasonable time.
By Catherine Ballantyne
Using an incorrectly spelt address when attempting to deliver a statutory demand proved to be a very expensive lesson.
By Elle Jones
The wife was recently allowed to assign her tax debt of $256,078.32 plus General Interest Charge (GIC) to her husband.
By Marcus Memmolo
Article reminds us to check, re-check and check again the intended recipients of an email containing personal information!
By Rohan Ingleton
Premises producing health supplements were not retail premises, merely because the tenant sold the products online.
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