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By Eurofast Global Ltd
On 24 July 2017, the Cyprus Tax Department issued Interpretative Circular 2017/4 in relation to income tax exemptions, sections 8(21) and 8(23) of the Income Tax Law 118 (I)/02.
By Nadiya Omelchuk
Ukraine is planning to commence with an automatic exchange of information on financial accounts of non-residents under the international Common Reporting Standard as early as 2020, ...
By Nadiya Omelchuk
Ukraine has recently announced the plan to start an automatic exchange of information on financial accounts under the international Common Reporting Standard as of 2020, pertaining to data relating to 2019.
By Eurofast Global Ltd
Serbia has been ranked world leader in the number of new jobs created in 2016 - as a proportion of the population size - and therefore the best place to invest, according to the Global Location Trends...
By Eurofast Global Ltd
The Cyprus VAT Act has been amended in relation to the procedure to be followed for an appeal against an assessment issued by the Tax Department. This amendment has come into force as of 7 July 2017.
By Eurofast Global Ltd
Within the framework of the State Grants Scheme for the year 2017 and as a result of the general framework of Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, the Cyprus Government announced a program of financial support...
By Petya Dimitrova, Maria Sarantopoulou
On 8 May 2017, Luxembourg and Cyprus signed their first double tax treaty ("Lux/Cyprus DTT").
By Alena Malaya
According to the global youth mortality rates based on the World Health Organisation's ("WHO") data for 2015, Cyprus has been analysed to be the safest of 184 countries for young people...
By Martina Lalic
The concept of staff leasing has existed for years in Serbia and enables companies to flexibly employ workers through agencies specialized in this type of service.
By Silvia Cancedda
A New Ordinance on the content and method of maintenance of employees' registry (NN 73/2017) is to enter into force on September 1, 2017..
By Zvezdana Radulovic, Nevena Veljovic
In 2008, the Serbian Government signed a Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU, adopting a timeframe for the gradual removal of trade barriers.
By Silvia Cancedda
The Local Taxes Act ("Act"), as a part of the 2017 Croatian Tax Reform, entered into force on January 1, 2017.
By Silvia Cancedda
Many Croatian entrepreneurs have recently received a letter urging them to apply for a so-called EBN (European Business Number).
By Zoe Kokoni
In continuation of our latest article on the Cyprus IP Intellectual Property Tax Amendment, on October 14, 2016, the Cyprus House of Representatives voted to amend Cyprus's intellectual property tax law.
By Nadiya Omelchuk
Having a Cyprus citizenship broadens your professional opportunities and career growth, as only EU citizens have the freedom to move to an EU country and be easily employed without a work permit.
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