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By Simon Heggs
Collas Crill Senior Associate Simon Heggs discusses why Guernsey is the leading jurisdiction for offshore companies looking to access London's capital markets.
By Paul Bannier
Competition among managers for capital in the alternative investment sector has never been greater.
By Dominic Wheatley
Google 'fintech' and you will get nearly 10 million results. Googling 'insuretech' brings up around 136,000. It seems that the techies don't fancy my old industry.
By Andrew Boyce
In the Guernsey Press Q4 2017 Business Review, Carey Olsen Corporate and Finance Group Partner Andrew Boyce highlights sources of funding ...
By Andy Sloan
"The opportunities for future trade liberalisation and regulatory co-operation are key." Not my words but those of the UK's Investment Association.
By Jean-Paul Peters
RBS International has completed a multi-million pound revolving credit facility for a Guernsey-based debt fund.
By Dominic Wheatley
Guernsey's finance industry needs to innovate, attract new business, and build on its current strengths to maintain a leading position in the world of international finance.
By Miles Celic
Guernsey is playing an important role in helping the financial services sector in London and the wider UK to prepare the industry to thrive once Britain leaves the European Union.
By Nick Heys
Guernsey expertise in captive insurance has again been recognised internationally, with two practitioners from the island making the Captive Review "Power 50" for 2017, and one of the most important industry figures ...
By Dominic Wheatley
Cost comes with that, but one thing we find is that US clients don't want to feel they have to have just an onshore European product.
By Gareth Morgan
GDPR is the current office 'crusade du jour' in many a financial, legal or investment management firm here in Guernsey.
By Richard Saunders
Last year Butterfield bought Deutsche Bank's trust business in Guernsey, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Singapore and Mauritius.
By Ben Morgan
For the closed ended fund sector Guernsey has continued to dominate various sectors of the alternative fund market.
By Fiona Le Poidevin
A focus for the exchange in 2018 will be showcasing how local companies and those from outside the Crown Dependencies can benefit from a listing on TISE and offer stability during the Brexit process.
By Haley Camp
A Guernsey-based actuarial technology company has developed a global offering to help international asset managers to provide calculations required under the EU's new Packaged Retail and Insurance-based ...