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By Bethany Entwistle
The GDPR imposes new obligations on any companies, big or small, which could handle personal data of EU citizens.
By Anthony Drake
Perhaps some sort of allowance should be made for surrogate birth mothers when recovering from the act of giving birth.
By Anthony Drake
Article discusses privacy issues, scandals and reforms in NZ and elsewhere for example, Europe. .
By Lucy De Latour, Imogen Edwards
The latest development in a longstanding argument regarding the validity of rates set by the Northland Regional Council.
By Annie Cao
There is still time to have your say in the review of insurance contract law… until 13 July 2018. .
By Kirstie Wyss, Lucy De Latour
Article queries whether national planning standards may be more of a hindrance than a help. .
By James Anson-Holland
A contractual clause that attempts to prevent one party from exercising rights under the FPA is void and unenforceable.
By Shane Campbell
The judgment is useful for the approach that courts will take to complex cases involving defects and builder negligence.
By Bethany Entwistle
This case is currently authority for the position that an insured homeowner can sue their insurer for defective repairs.
By Michelle Mehlhopt
Amendments have been gazetted that will have implications for how local authorities recognise the NES in their plans.
By Stephanie Woods
A High Court judgment and a statutory demand for outstanding claims for landscaping work on a development were set aside.
By Stephanie Woods
The case is a reminder that a liquidation order will be dismissed when there are grounds to believe a debt is disputed.
By Stephanie Woods
The takeaway point from this case - care must be taken in providing a personal guarantee when involved in a business.
By Stephanie Woods
The respondent to the ex parte application was invited to appear without the need to file written submissions.
By Anthony Drake
Employers need to be alive to managing the work environment, to ensure that personal relationships don't become toxic.
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