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By Mark Fatharly
If the promise of family property has been broken, you may be able to enforce it through a proprietary estoppel claim.
By Danielle Hadida
The paramount consideration in parenting matters, including a change of residence, is the best interests of the child.
By Ann Spencer
An undetermined claim for insurance indemnity was declared not to be sufficient to set aside a statutory demand.
By Ann Spencer
This WA decision confirmed that a criminal wrongdoer cannot benefit indirectly as a result of the crime they committed.
By Stephen Williams
SA Supreme Court increases exemplary damages to James Hardie victim who contracted terminal mesothelioma.
By Anne Wood
What you need to know about new WA laws that change planning and building requirements in bushfire prone areas.
By Stephen Williams
Bill aims to increase entitlements for dependants of deceased workers and to simplify and expedite the claims process.
By Danielle Hadida
Red FM dedicates time each week to discuss topics that FIFO workers are interested in hearing about, like family law.
By Danielle Hadida
The husband's application for divorce was ultimately dismissed, as the parties' 25 year long marriage was ruled invalid.
By Ken Grunder
Before considering reasonable treatment, establish that treatment is for a compensable injury, or a direct result of it.
By Carol Hamilton
The case is confirmation that non-conforming use rights are limited and do not extend to all uses within a use class.
By Danielle Hadida
All parents must contribute to their children's financial support and this may be extended to dependent adult children.
By Stephen Williams, Daniel Coster
Australian businesses are under continual threat from cyber attacks - and it gets worse with more technological change.
By Mike Baldwin
The simple way forward would be to refer WA industrial relations powers to the Commonwealth, as other states did in 2009.
By Claudia Lewin
Any hope that affected employees may avoid the impact of these penalty rate cuts, may only come via legislative change.
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