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By Michael Byrnes
Employers should consider an action plan, in case allegations of serious misconduct are made against senior executives.
By Sherlene Heng
In separation, when one party is not registered on the title of property, lodging a caveat may secure their interest.
By Linda McGirr
It is important to comply with Court Orders at specific times, as consequences for breach of orders can be significant,.
By Linda McGirr
Where the parent's mental health could be a risk to the children, protecting the children will be the Court's priority.
By Linda McGirr
It is a common misconception that an inheritance received after separation should be excluded from the property pool.
By Simon Obee
There is no limit to the ordinary hours a casual employee can work and no overtime is payable in the Horticulture Award.
By Monique Robb, Katerina Lonergan
This recent High Court judgment appears to broaden the circumstances in which a Financial Agreement can be set aside.
By Simon Obee
Some awards provide that redundancy pay is payable by certain small business employers (albeit on a reduced scale).
By Eric Ziehlke
Once you have identified, valued and protected your brands, you would be in a position to exploit the potential in them.
By Simon Obee
Unlike most other modern awards, clause 31 provides that employees are entitled to an additional week of annual leave.
By Simon Obee
This series of articles examines some unusual award clauses in modern awards, which are sometimes missed by employers.
By William Kontaxis, Amy Pun
These 10 deal sheet items should help to ensure a smoother and more robust process during corporate sale negotiations.
By Richard Ottley, Simon Obee
If an employer has not complied with consultation requirements, the shield of "genuine redundancy" may not be available.
By Angela Harvey, Esther Khoo
Before getting creative with your will, these are five considerations about what does and does not make a valid will.
By Simon Obee, Richard Ottley
Courts will, and frequently do, prevent former employees from acting in breach of their contractual restraints.
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