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By Michael Mitchell
The Federal Court of Australia has enforced a settlement agreement by parties on the eve of arbitration in London.
By Helen Woods, Natalie Al Hage
Employers licensed under the SRC Act should note that the State scheme may still operate and manage claims accordingly.
By Emma Sheehan
This case shows the importance of correctly construing and interpreting the legislation to govern each cause of action.
By Todd Kirchner, Michael Poulos
Workers who claimed for compensation prior to 19 June 2012 can make a further claim of deterioration of their condition.
By Joseph Vermiglio, Gerry Tzortzatos
An award for damages is not to fulfil ideal requirements for an injured person, but rather the reasonable requirements.
By Amanda Reberger, Francesca Menniti
The decision highlights the importance of timing and the need to serve Calderbank offers once evidence has been served.
By Laura D'Alessandri, Renée Sadler
This decision confirms the conclusive and binding nature of MAS Determinations, but only for the issues they certify.
By Paul Garnon, Lorraine Biviano
The term 'Reasonably fit' is not limited to types of work which have previously been undertaken by the insured claimant.
By Wadad Ismail, Renée Sadler
A discussion of Currie v Motor Accidents Authority of NSW [2013] NSWSC 83.
By Renae Hamilton
If certain conditions are met a court can add words to a statute to give meaning consistent with the legislative intent.
By Jennifer Mithieux, Nathan Morehead
When determining liability on a claim, note the individual factual situations and if there is a breach of duty of care.
By Nicholas Lawrence, Paul Garnon
The High Court has, by majority, allowed an appeal regarding the principles of proportionate liability in a recent case.
By Nicholas Lawrence, Paul Garnon
Where a party gives an indemnity inconsistent with proportionate liability, that party will be liable for any damages.
By Marco Nesbeth, Ian Jones
Any person who suffers injury in a motor vehicle accident through non-tortious negligence may be entitled to damages.
By Helen Woods
The decision confirms that where the disease is of gradual onset, there may be scope for recovery from former employers.
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