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By Ethan Shenkman
Environmental partner Ethan Shenkman was recently interviewed for E&E TV's "OnPoint" series projecting how the EPA may address a proposed rule to rescind the Waters of the United States rule...
By Jacqueline Mulryne, Silvia Valverde
On 28 June, the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union gave his opinion on the SNITEM and Philips France case against France.
By Michael Gerrard
Decarbonizing the U.S. energy system will require a program of building onshore wind, offshore wind, utility-scale solar, and associated transmission that will exceed what has been done before...
By Adela Williams, Lincoln Tsang, Jacqueline Mulryne, Silvia Valverde
On 28 June 2017, Advocate General Sanchez-Bordona issued his opinion in Case C-329/16, the first case in which the CJEU has been asked to consider the classification of software...
By Kathy Osgerby, Paul Abbott, Christopher Stothers, Rhiannon Edwards
The UK Supreme Court has overturned existing case law to, for the first time, formally recognise a "doctrine of equivalents", resulting in a broader scope of patent protection under UK law.
By Jacqueline Mulryne, Mahnu Davar
The terms of a licence to place a medicinal product on the market set out the approved conditions for use of that medicinal product, including the approved indications for use.
By Daniel Kracov, Pari Mody
The law also authorizes an additional $500 million over 10 years to an FDA Innovation Account to help the Agency carry out these new authorities.
By Nicolas Dumont
Fast war es geschafft: Bis Mitte Juni befand sich das Europäische Einheitspatent nach vielen Jahren und schier endlosen Bemühungen auf der Zielgeraden.
By Alan Rothman
The following recent developments at the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation provide some practical pointers when facing litigation in multiple jurisdictions.
By Edward McTiernan, Michael D. Daneker
New Jersey's Spill Compensation and Control Act (the "Spill Act") turns 40 this year. The defining feature of the Spill Act is its prohibition on any unpermitted discharges of hazardous substances.
By Kenneth Chernof, John D. Lombardo, Daphne Morduchowitz, Andrew K. Solow, David J. Weiner
In one of the first decisions to apply the Supreme Court's recent ruling on proper venue in patent litigation, a federal district court in Stuebing Automatic Machine Co. v. Gravonsky granted...
By Kenneth Chernof, John D. Lombardo, Daphne Morduchowitz, Andrew K. Solow, David J. Weiner
In a closely watched decision that ultimately rested on narrow grounds, the Supreme Court held in Town of Chester v. Laroe Estates that an "intervenor-of-right" under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure...
By Kenneth Chernof, John D. Lombardo, Daphne Morduchowitz, Andrew K. Solow, David J. Weiner
The US Supreme Court unanimously held in Kokesh v. Securities and Exchange Commission that a five-year limitations period applies to disgorgement claims brought by the SEC in enforcement proceedings.
By David Sausen, Willys Schneider, Joel Deuth, Zeno Houston
The Department of the Treasury and the IRS have published proposed regulations under the centralized partnership audit regime that was enacted into law under the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.
By John Freedman, Daphne Morduchowitz, Vincent Sama, Paul Andrews, Whitney A. Moore
On June 27, the United States Supreme Court granted certiorari in Cyan, Inc. v. Beaver County Employees Retirement Fund, et al. (15-1439) ...
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