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By Gur Law Firm
Group companies had substantial importance in Turkish commercial and legal world with their existence without any normative rule under legislation.
By Gur Law Firm
In the lump sum price process, the total price is determined from the beginning for the completion of the construction which is the place of the contract, scope of the contract and time of the work is specifically determined.
By Ahmet Akguloglu, Meltem Palabiyik
What is the current legal status regarding the abrogation decision of the Constitutional Court on cancellation of Art. 7/1-(i) of Decree Law numbered 556?
By Gur Law Firm
The Art. 1259 of the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 indicates that "In case that passengers are transported by a vessel, which is licensed to carry 12 or more people, all carriers who undertake or perform the transportation partially or wholly are obliged to be insured for their potential responsibilities, which may arise in case of death or injuries of the passengers."
By Sena Apak
Turkey, like most emerging markets, did not adopt a Competition Law until the 1990s.
By Gur Law Firm
The Act on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce ("Act") numbered 6563 has been published in the Official Gazette numbered 29166 on 05.11.2014.
By Tevfik Gur, Sena Apak
The Regulation on the Debt Assumption by the Undersecretariat of Treasury has been published, regarding the public private partnership projects to be carried out by the public administrations.
By Gur Law Firm
A new clause has been added to Article 371 of the TCC which regulates the scope and limits of the authority to represent and bind of the board of directors.
By Sena Apak, Serra Haviyo
The shareholders of public companies may either voluntarily offer to purchase the shares of the minority shareholders or they are sometimes obliged to launch mandatory tender offers.
By Gur Law Firm
Both JS and LTD companies can be established with a single (or more) shareholder.
By Gur Law Firm
Alternative Dispute Resolutions are alternative methods that; an independent, objective and impartial third party provides the parties of the legal dispute to reach an agreement about the dispute by bringing them together and communicating with each other.
By Gur Law Firm
The number of merger and acquisition transactions in Turkey are increasing from year to year.
By Gur Law Firm
With its economical and natural assets, purchasing and acquisition of real estates and flats in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular.
By Gur Law Firm
Copyrighted works which can be stored and transferred via books, magazines, tapes and CDs are now being stored in digital platforms and delivered to public proportionally with development of internet.
By Riza Ferhan Cagirgan, Ahmet Akguloglu
The liability of so-called 'online marketplaces' for sales of counterfeit products is a contentious area in Turkey, as Riza Cagirgan and Ahmet Akguloglu explain.