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By Matthew Braithwaite
The first statutory valuation date for fixing the ATED band into which the property fell for the first five ATED periods (including the current one)...
By David Mundy, Aaron Nelson
Day 5 of Committee Stage on the Bill took place on 6 December. MPs considered Clause 10 and Schedule 2, and Clause 12 and Schedule 4.
By Jennifer Chappell
The case of S. Franses v Cavendish Hotel (London) Limited [2017] involves a landlord attempting to regain possession of business premises protected under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 ...
By Brian Gegg
In NHS 24 v Pillar, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) considered whether it was unfair for an employer's investigation into misconduct to take account of previous similar ..
By Ian Wasserman
Under the EU Equal Treatment Directive, indirect sex discrimination in recruitment selection conditions is unlawful unless the conditions can be objectively justified by a legitimate aim...
By David Mundy, Aaron Nelson
Early this morning, the UK and European Commission announced that they had reached an agreement that should allow them to move Brexit talks on to the next stage, and published a Joint report on progress during phase 1...
By Angus Walker
Today's entry reports on the launch of a consultation on steps towards a new nuclear National Policy Statement.
By Jennifer Chappell
Overage describes the situation where a seller takes a share in any increase in value of a property that is realised after the initial sale ie where there is a reasonable expectation ...
By David Mundy, Aaron Nelson
Yesterday was probably the most dramatic Brexit day since the referendum result. The Prime Minister went to Brussels, and most expected an announcement ...
By Angus Walker
Today's entry reports on the latest Development Consent Order, plus a competition.
By Zoe Merrikin
Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, if the main reason for an employee's dismissal is the fact that they have made a protected disclosure, the dismissal will be automatically unfair.
By Jesper Christensen
In Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis (MPS) v Denby, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that a manager who influenced the decision-maker to act in a discriminatory way...
By Angus Walker
Today's entry reports on a successful judicial review of a lack of re-consultation when changes were made to a planning application that will have Planning Act 2008 implications.
By Lara Mardell
Trustees will not need to disclose the identity to the UK's Trust Registration Service (TRS) of a member of discretionary class of beneficiaries unless the beneficiary
By David Mundy, Aaron Nelson
The House of Commons has completed three days of its eight-day consideration of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill in a Committee of the Whole House.
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