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By Anna Burchner, Richard Taylor
The European Commission in a paper released on 21 September 2017 outlined different options for taxing profits of digital businesses, to ensure tax is paid where ‘value is created'
By Jan Burgess, Rosalind Morgan
Welcome to the Winter 2012 Health and Safety Calendar.
By Omar Qureshi, Valerie Allan
Over a year after the implementation of the Bribery Act 2010, we are beginning to see how corporate bribery may be disposed of in future.
By Olexander Martinenko, Vitaliy Radchenko, Inna Antipova
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has abolished the monopoly over imported gas sales held by the state gas company Naftogaz of Ukraine.
By Joanne Wheeler, Bailey Ingram, Hannah Suthren
Quarterly update summarising regulatory and legal developments from the last three months in the communications, media and satellite sectors in Europe.
By Charlie Sun
A number of tax regulations in China have recently been updated.
By Alexander Denslow, Neil Beighton, Scarlett West
Just as reinsurers were heading towards the end of a relatively benign hurricane season, Hurricane Sandy, which has already tragically claimed at least 13 lives in the US in addition to 66 lives in the Caribbean, has brought much of the US East Coast to a virtual standstill.
By Caroline Potter
When a developer has owned a plot of land for some while, waiting for the appropriate time to develop, it is extremely frustrating for that development to be delayed or at worst completely prevented by the registration of that land as a town or village green (TVG).
By Susan Barty, Stuart Helmer
In its latest Broadcast Bulletin, Ofcom has resolved a complaint against Channel 4 relating to an advertisement for a film which invited viewers to send in Tweets on what they thought of the film, and then broadcast the positive Tweets from viewers in a subsequent advert.
By Tom Scourfield, Nick Beckett, Jeremy Morton, Lucy Kilshaw, Stuart Helmer
Bringing you regular news of key developments in intellectual property law.
By Kaloyan Yordanov, Peter Takov
Buildings completed before 31 March 2001 without the necessary permits may now be legitimised by a Certificate of Tolerable Construction.
By Dóra Petrányi, Agnes Solyom, Jeremy Morton
In April and June 2010, a large agrochemical company filed a statement of claim and interim injunction request at the Hungarian Metropolitan Court against certain distributors of agrochemical products, on the grounds of patent infringement.
By Bob Palmer, Priya Shah
News about shale gas continues to dominate the energy press.
By Jan Burgess, Valerie Allan
The House of Commons has voted in favour of a clause that will amend the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to remove strict liability in cases where there has been a breach of a statutory duty.
By Tom Scourfield, Lucy Kilshaw, Natalie Chopra
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has given a ruling on questions of database right infringement referred to it by the Court of Appeal.
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