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By Stephen Blake
An innovative economy is something to be celebrated, but increased numbers of patent applications can cause problems for intellectual property offices tasked with examining them.
By Ian Turner
We have already reported on the Supreme Court's decision in Actavis v Lilly (see here) which, as stated, is the most important decision in the last decade regarding patent infringement.
By Rajesh Sagar
In his latest decision in the Unwired Planet v Huawei case, Mr Justice Birss has provided guidance on the nature and scope of remedies available to Standard Essential Patent (SEP) owners...
By Lara Sibley
The Guidelines for Examination provide general instructions on the various aspects of examination of European applications and patents.
By Will Nieuwenhuys
In T 448/16, the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office dismissed the Patentee's appeal against the Opposition Division's decision revoking EP1169038...
By Graham Burnett-Hall, Sarah Routledge
In this article, originally published in Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, Graham Burnett-Hall and Sarah Routledge address some of the key questions businesses need to ask...
By Marianne Shepherd
The complex collection of microorganisms that colonise the human body and their genetic material (the human microbiome) is a rapidly developing area of research.
By Michael Shaw, Michael Barrett, Graham Burnett-Hall, Mathias Dormann, Chris Hemingway, Will Jensen, Will Nieuwenhuys, Thomas Prock, Mairi Rudkin, Upasana Patel
The 3rd quarter edition of our ReMarks newsletter is out
By Will Jensen
On 7 September, the EC published a position paper on intellectual property rights (including geographical indications)...
By Will Nieuwenhuys
Decision T 488/16 of the Boards of Appeal of the EPO has been published setting out the reasoning for the revocation of European patent number EP1169038 protecting the anti-cancer drug dasatinib (Sprycel®).
By Michael Barrett
On October 1st new amendments to the EU Trade Mark Regulation (EUTM Regulation), Implementing Regulation (EUTMIR) and Delegated Regulation (EUTMDR) come into effect across all member states.
By Thomas Prock
The European Patent Office has recently issued their guidance notes regarding obtaining, maintaining and managing Unitary Patents (UPs).
By Mairi Rudkin
Occasionally, patent infringement sees a truly landmark ruling that forces everyone to sit up and take notice – and one such ruling arrived last month.
By Graham Burnett-Hall
The UK government has published its draft EU Withdrawal Bill. Although frequently dubbed the "Great Repeal Bill" it does not in fact seek to repeal all the European law that currently has force in the UK.
By Will Jensen
On 7 September, the EC published a position paper on intellectual property rights (including geographical indications), setting out how the transition of the UK leaving the EU should take place ...