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By Stephen Smith, Sean Ibbetson, Noel Watson-Doig
To much fanfare, but a dearth of detail, Theresa May announced on 2 October that the Government will introduce a ‘Great Repeal Bill' in the next Queen's Speech.
By George Adje, Toby Crick
"All data packets are equal", says the European Union. But should some be more equal than others?
By Alan Johnson
The Preparatory Committee of the Unified Patent Court reported earlier this month that its work will be finished by the time of its meeting in October, and this will be its last.
By Bathilde Waquet
Article 5.3 of Directive 2002/58/EC, which regulates the use of cookies and similar, was amended in 2009.
By Charles Pugh
In Relfo v Vasani, it was held that where monies are improperly paid out of a company, they may be traced through various accounts to the end recipient.
By Miranda Cass, Pietro Franchi
The UK government’s long awaited tax relief for the video games sector has stalled as the European Commission questions whether state aid in this sector is necessary.
By Charles Pugh
Two judgments handed down in the last year have caused renewed interest in the court's ability to 'pierce the veil of incorporation'.
By Charles Pugh
Reflecting the increasing volume of fraud cases before the English court, there have been a plethora of significant rulings handed down during the course of this year.
By Zoe Bent
The proceedings between SAS Institute Inc ("SAS") and World Programming Limited, ("WPL") which led to an extensive judgment from Mr Justice Arnold in July 2010, have resulted in nine questions, principally relating to the interpretation of the Software Directive, being referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union ("ECJ").
By Marek Petecki, Nicola Litt
This article explores how the duties owed by directors of a UK incorporated company can shift when financial difficulties arise and the personal risks for directors who fail to respond to that change.
By Iain Redford, Rachel Curtis
The latest consultation from BERR on shareholder rights looks to clarify some of the discrepancies in the Companies Act 2006 (the "Act") and to implement European legislation.
By Liz Cohen
The legal tests for novelty, inventive step and, less commonly, industrial application form the basis of the majority of patent litigation before the UK courts.
By Dominic Adair, Robert Burrows, Ewan Nettleton, Richard Pinckney
This report covers recently published decisions of interest from the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office.
By Christopher Millard
First of all, what is cloud computing? At its simplest, it is an arrangement whereby IT resources are provided as a service via the Internet, typically on demand and often without reference to geography or specific local infrastructure.
By Clare Cruise, Linda Farrell
Many employers operate enhanced redundancy schemes under which they agree to make payments in excess of the statutory redundancy entitlement.
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