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By Anderson Kill
Anderson Kill has launched a Blockchain and Virtual Currency Group to counsel businesses involved in these emerging technologies across the full spectrum of their legal needs...
By Joshua Gold
As technological innovation continues to unfold at a torrid clip, the challenges of protecting against theft and fraud have never been greater. Commercial shipping, for example, faces a new and daunting set of technological exposures that can take the form of hacking of a vessel's navigational systems, email-induced surrenders of cargo, and the computer-enabled falsification of shipping documents, just to name a few.
By Robert Horkovich, Edward Stein
In current discussion of fraud and crime coverage, emerging cyberrisks and appalling financial schemes grab the head¬lines, and the direct loss conundrum captivates coverage counsel.
By Joshua Gold
As cyber threats morph, companies need to reassess their readiness, including their insurance protection.
By Christopher M. Armstrong
The corporate and business changes are permanent. Below is a summary of some of the tax law's major provisions.
By Pamela Hans, Christina Yousef
A lawsuit of any magnitude can be devastating for your business, whether it mani¬fests its hardship financially or otherwise.
By Cort Malone, Jorge Aviles
While high-profile cyber breaches of major government and corporate databases continue to dominate headlines, less consideration has been paid to the ever-increasing cyber risks associated with the use of personal mobile devices and their apps, including those connected to social media.
By Finley T. Harckham, Marshall Gilinsky
While the human suffering triggered by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma unfolded in real time on our TV screens, opening American hearts and wallets and triggering heroic volunteer rescue e.orts, the full extent of the economic damage will not be evident for some time.
By Joshua Gold
Today's cyberthreats can trigger multi-faceted losses. A serious cyber incident could cause bodily injury, property damage, business interruption, shareholder litigation, customer privacy litigation, regulatory action, terminations or resignations among senior management, and reputation damage.
By Bennett Pine
If you thought your company had long ago covered all bases with respect to sexual harassment, think again.
By Joshua Gold
From a risk management point of view, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the recent data security compromise at Equifax.
By Peter Halprin, Vivian Costandy Michael
Faced with a growing number of insolvencies worldwide and a global crash in commodities prices, trade credit insurance policyholders are increasingly filing claims.
By Finley T. Harckham
Hurricane Harvey tore up large areas of the Texas Gulf Coast with gale-force winds and storm surge, and then inundated vast areas, including Houston, with unprecedented amounts of rain.
By Robert Chesler
In the cyberworld in which we live, the liabilities that seem to concern us most are intangible attacks like hacking, phishing and ransomware.
By Robert Chesler
Crime policies, among others, typically provide what seems like a broad grant of computer coverage, such as "We will pay for loss … resulting directly from the use of any computer to fraudulently cause a transfer … ."
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