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By Joshua Gold
From a risk management point of view, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the recent data security compromise at Equifax.
By Peter Halprin, Vivian Costandy Michael
Faced with a growing number of insolvencies worldwide and a global crash in commodities prices, trade credit insurance policyholders are increasingly filing claims.
By Finley T. Harckham
Hurricane Harvey tore up large areas of the Texas Gulf Coast with gale-force winds and storm surge, and then inundated vast areas, including Houston, with unprecedented amounts of rain.
By Robert Chesler
In the cyberworld in which we live, the liabilities that seem to concern us most are intangible attacks like hacking, phishing and ransomware.
By Robert Chesler
Crime policies, among others, typically provide what seems like a broad grant of computer coverage, such as "We will pay for loss … resulting directly from the use of any computer to fraudulently cause a transfer … ."
By Raymond Mascia Jr.
Under the "efficient proximate cause" rule, if the initial event causing a loss is a covered peril, an insurance policy must provide coverage even if a subsequent event in the chain, which also may have caused the loss, is excluded under the policy.
By Deborah Koplovitz
You have made the largest purchase of your life to date: a beautiful new construction condominium unit.
By Robert Chesler
Over the past five years, companies have become conversant with a broad range of cyberthreats.
By Peter Halprin
In television programs and movies, following some slight or wrong, an aggrieved party will turn to the aggressor and say, "I'll see you in court!"
By Robert Horkovich, Stephen Palley
Businesses are increasingly coming into contact with a new form of data storage and transmission known as blockchain.
By Stephen Palley, Peter Halprin
A recent decision from the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia highlights a potential problem with file sharing.
By Bruce Cholst
Licensing agreements arm boards with the ability to cushion themselves against disaster arising from construction next door.
By Bruce Cholst
Demand for large sized apartments has exploded over the past decade, fueled both by a migration of suburban fami¬lies to the city and by yet another baby boom.
By Deborah Koplovitz
Just as the parts in cars tend to wear out af¬ter 60,000 miles, so too, in buildings in New York City, do systems such as elevators wear out after a number of years in service.
By Daniel Healy
Cyber risks should have directors and officers thinking beyond cyber-specific policies that cover their companies.
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