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By Helen Clarke, Jodie Burger, Viva Paxton
How can we ensure that our continued adoption of technology in the health industry grows sustainably and ethically?
By Brent Lillywhite, Eva Coggins
EPA changes require a rehabilitation and a progressive closure plan to accompany a site-specific mining lease application.
By Jane Hider, Patricia Saw
In developing the design and implementation for the NEG, the ESB has produced a number of design options for public consultation.
By Brent Lillywhite, Samuel Volling
New Bill would retrospectively validate rates or charges that, in light of the Linville case, would otherwise be invalid.
By Nick Le Mare, Leanne Dorricott, Anthony Forsyth, Rachael Cage
The Fair Work Commission recently held that under traditional available tests of employment, uber drivers are contractors.
By Christine Covington
Like in NZ, perhaps natural resources, such as rivers and mountains, should be granted standing to sue for their own protection.
By Brent Lillywhite, Charlotte Loos
Request for amendment to environmental authority was refused in line with previous decision by Land Court.
By Phillip Magness
Multi-factor authentication (two-step verification) is an effective way of dealing with the problem of stolen passwords.
By Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman, Kirsty Sutherland
It was clear that the applicants had proceeded on the basis that they had been validly appointed for the company.
By Matthew Critchley, John Fogarty
The exposure draft has a proposal to enable private litigants to rely on facts admitted in ACCC enforcement proceedings.
By Helen Clarke, Viva Paxton
There are data breach responses from some organisations which have been torn apart, word by word, by the media.
By Jane Hider, Justine Cheong
The Victorian Government published a revised Guideline on the process for market-led proposals for infrastructure needs.
By Frances Wheelahan, Kayla Kleskovic, Sarah Harris
Tips n' Tricks provides a snapshot of key learnings, topical issues and regulatory changes in the Trade Promotions industry. .
By Helen Clarke, Jodie Burger, Viva Paxton
What constitutes value for money? And once you've identified areas of value, how do you ensure you make the most of them?
By Michael Chaaya, Ronald Mizen
APRA has outlined a plan to undertake a review of its superannuation frameworks and will introduce a package of reforms.
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