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By Andrew McCormack, Samuel Wolf, Wayne Jocic
This podcast discusses some recommendations of the Murray Report and their likely impact on the construction industry.
By Cameron Cheetham, Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman
Court recently considered whether data files from software packages are admissible as evidence of financial records.
By Andrew McCormack, Brent Lillywhite, Bruce Adkins, Michael MacGinley, Stuart Clague, Caitlin McPhee, Charlotte Loos
Briefing provides update on recent mining deals, market rumours, potential opportunities and regulatory updates.
By Michael Chaaya, Magan Goh, Tahnee De Souza
After a comprehensive review of FFSP relief, ASIC has proposed licensing changes that are discussed here. .
By Cameron Cheetham, Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman
When a liquidator is appointed, a director will lose power to manage the company and is not able to waive privilege.
By Arvind Dixit, Claire Harris
The ESB is now tasked with filling in the finer detail of the NEG to present its final design to the COAG Energy Council.
By Jane Hider, Stella Guettinger
Most non-licensed electricity providers are now required to register for exempt activities in a new ESC public register.
By Richard Flitcroft, Anthony Forsyth, Tegan Harrington
Discussion of what we can expect from changes to laws regarding anti-bribery and corruption and whistleblower policies.
By Jane Hider, Celeste Koravos
Article discusses investment in transport infrastructure, the funded projects and ten key takeaways.
By Cameron Cheetham, Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman
3 former executives were held not to have engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct when trying to address a cash flow crisis.
By Jade Rowarth
The A to Z of Insolvency and Restructuring is a handy downloadable index of the difficult terms you need to understand.
By Nicholas Ellery, Rosemary Roach, Thalia Botsis
A round-up of cases (and their key points) from the past 12 months in which swearing took centre stage. .
By Cameron Cheetham, Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman
Recent case - application to appoint special purpose liquidators & to obtain Court approval of funding & legal arrangements.
By Eddie Scuderi, Jodie Burger, Viva Paxton
Drone technology provides a number of opportunities for many industries, however it poses safety risks to many others.
By David Warren, Helen Clarke, Jodie Burger, Viva Paxton
Effective information practices are one step in managing information issues involved with autonomous vehicles technology.
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