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Hong Kong – Soft Selling – The Hard Reality!
The Council has no directly attacking teeth but is charged with protecting the interests of the consumer which it does by whistleblowing.
Hong Kong
10 Oct 2019
Class Licences For Telecommunications Services Set For Review
The Class Licence for Offer of Telecommunications Services (CLOTS) regime was introduced in 2007.
Hong Kong
11 Jan 2019
Is Your Furniture Making You Sick?
In Yuen Pui Man Ellen v. Majestic Furniture & Interior Design Limited (DCPI1960/2011), the Plaintiff purchased certain made-to-measure furniture from a renowned interior design company.
Hong Kong
7 Apr 2016
What You Need To Know About The Latest Changes To The Trade Descriptions Ordinance
The latest amendments to the Trade Descriptions Ordinance ("TDO") came into effect in Hong Kong on 19 July 2013.
Hong Kong
31 May 2014
Asian Suppliers Alert: Conflict Minerals Disclosure Requirements
On 22 August 2012, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission adopted a final rule pursuant to the directives of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
Hong Kong
11 Dec 2012
New Consumer Regulations Affecting Time-shares and Long-Term Holiday Products
The government proposes to amend consumer legislation in Hong Kong to increase regulation and provide additional rights to consumers. This has a wide potential effect.
Hong Kong
5 Oct 2010
China’s Antitrust Tigers Grow Teeth
China’s competition law regulators have taken important steps to strengthen the enforcement of its competition regime, with a number of cartel investigations, some further implementation rules, and another conditional merger control decision. Imprisonment is the maximum penalty as a result of the above.
Hong Kong
1 Sep 2010
Succession - Which "Mother" is Entitled to Inherit Under the Intestates' Estates Ordinance?
In the late 1940s, Mr Tsang Kei Hung ("Mr Tsang Senior") married Madam Leung according to Chinese customs and she gave birth to 3 children, one of them was Dr Tsang.
Hong Kong
8 Jun 2010
SFC Takes Tough Line On Structured Product Reform
Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has issued its much anticipated final word on how structured products are to be regulated going forward, declining to accept the submissions made by industry participants on many key issues. The removal of the minimum denomination HK$500,000 safe harbour will have a significant affect on the offering of structured products in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
10 May 2010
IP Law - The New Trade Descriptions Law In Hong Kong
Hong Kong is an internationally well-known "Shoppers' Paradise" and its tourism industry has always been important to its economy.
Hong Kong
10 Mar 2009
Challenging A Will: The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Ordinance
Where a deceased has by his Will, or by the effects of intestacy, failed to provide properly for his spouse, children, relatives or dependants, the court may order reasonable provision to be made out of the deceased's net estate for the maintenance of them.
Hong Kong
8 Oct 2008
Wills And Probate
When a man dies, his estate will, after deduction of debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, be distributed according to his will or to the intestate law.
Hong Kong
12 Mar 2007
Overview Of Insolvency Law In Hong Kong
This paper sets out a brief overview of corporate insolvency law in Hong Kong and compares and contrasts the insolvency laws in Hong Kong with those of other jurisdictions discussed at the Insolvency Session of the IATA Legal Symposium 2006. The principal legislation in Hong Kong relating to corporate insolvencies is the Companies Ordinance (Cap 32), which is supplemented by the Companies (Winding Up) Rules (Cap 32H). Some provisions of the Bankruptcy Ordinance (Cap 6) also apply to corporate in
Hong Kong
20 Nov 2006
Direct Marketing in China to Become Legal from 1 December 2005
In April 1998, China ordered an immediate ban on almost all direct marketing, a move which closed the multimillion-dollar market for many direct marketing giants.
Hong Kong
20 Sep 2005
Recent Trademark Enforcement Cases in China and the Importance of Registration
One of the most difficult issues faced by any company selling its products or services in China is how to protect them against counterfeiting.
Hong Kong
14 Mar 2005
Enjoy Zero Tariff For Goods To Mainland China Through Hong Kong Under CEPA
Pursuant to the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement ("CEPA") signed between Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR on 29 June 2003, the Mainland have applied zero tariff on certain imported goods of Hong Kong origin commencing from 1 January 2004.
Hong Kong
3 Nov 2004
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