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Mauritius Department Of The Registrar General And Conservator Of Mortgages Goes Paperless
Since its inception in or about the year 1804, the department of the Registrar General and Conservator of Mortgages (Registrar General) has been the guardian and conservator of all deeds and documents deposited ...
6 Jul 2018
Weighing Up The Risk: Basel III For Isle Of Man Banks
The financial crisis and subsequent "great recession" has been described by former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, as the worst financial crisis in global history...
2 Dec 2015
Wealth Structuring 20:20
Welcome to this inaugural edition of our new Wealth Structuring 20:20 report, a feature publication that aims to tap into the issues facing high net worth individuals around the globe.
9 Apr 2014
Alternative Sources Of Corporate Finance: Convertible Bonds
In an age of tight credit and nervous stock markets, alternative sources of corporate finance are becoming increasingly important.
26 Oct 2011
A Lender’s Duties Defined
The recent case of Mirpuri v. Bank of India [2010] JRC 129 is one of the very few cases to come before Jersey’s Royal Court which touches on the Security Interests (Jersey) Law 1983 ("the 1983 Law").
21 Dec 2010
Investment Business Regulatory Reforms In The British Virgin Islands
The Securities and Investment Business Act 2010 (SIBA) of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which took effect in May 2010, requires persons engaged in ‘investment business' (as defined below) in or from within the BVI to be licensed thereunder.
British Virgin Islands
23 Nov 2010
Where Desert Sands Meet Cayman Shores
The size of the Shari'ah financial industry has grown tremendously over the last four decades.
Cayman Islands
30 May 2009
The Enforcement Of Share Security In Bermuda, The British Virgin Islands, The Cayman Islands And Jersey
In financing transactions it is common for companies of the borrowing group to provide some sort of security, such as security over the shares in companies of the borrowing group, including offshore entities, either by taking legal or equitable security over the shares.
11 May 2009
The Future Regulation Of Funds And Functionaries Of Funds (Jersey)
Since 2003, the Jersey Financial Services Commission (the "Commission") has been integrating existing regulatory laws into the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998 as amended (the "Financial Services Law") in order to provide a "one-stop shop" that will be easier to understand and simplify compliance.
3 Apr 2008
Good News For Listings On The Channel Islands Stock Exchange (The “CISX”)
Despite recent concerns, the Channel Islands Stock Exchange remains a simple and tax efficient way for private equity investors to finance the costs of shareholder debt.
10 Feb 2008
Mareva Revisited
The English Court of Appeal has delivered a judgment in the case of Dadourian Group International Inc. v Simms, in which it has for the first time set out comprehensive guidelines in relation to an application for leave to enforce abroad a worldwide asset-freezing order granted by a local court.
11 Aug 2006
Receivers´ Fees In Money Laundering Cases: The Effect Of Acquittal And The Return Of Restrained Assets
The Chief Justice of the Cayman Islands has delivered an important judgment on the application of the Proceeds of Criminal Conduct Law (PCCL), which reflects the balance that the Law itself seeks to strike between the objective of securing assets to meet any confiscation order upon conviction and ensuring that the proprietary rights of third parties are not prejudiced.
Cayman Islands
15 Feb 2006
Review of Recent Events Affecting The Bermuda Funds Industry
Bermuda to fast track the incorporation process for collective investment schemes
13 Jan 2006
Investment Funds in the Cayman Islands , British Virgin Islands and Bermuda
The offshore funds market is growing rapidly and the Cayman Islands ("Cayman"), the British Virgin Islands ("BVI") and Bermuda have become the pre-eminent jurisdictions for the establishment of investment funds.
4 Oct 2005
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