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Development and Application of Trusts in Costa Rica
The concept of trust has been put into practice in the ordinances of several Latin American countries and more and more this type of instrument, which allows an infinite number of modalities arising from inter vivos or mortis causa contracts (eg. inheritances), is being utilized. It allows greater versatility in contractual relationships.
Costa Rica
26 Jan 2006
Legal Concept Of Guarantee
The concept and function of guarantees have evolved in accordance with the times and purposes for which they have been applied.
United States
26 Sep 2005
The Historical Development and Application of Trusts
There is a popular saying regarding Trusts which is that "the limit of trusts is the imagination", given its known flexibility and application in terms of contracts and its success, brought about by the practical experience obtained from its development throughout history.
United States
30 Aug 2005
The IRSís Dirty Dozen: A Closer Look at Tax Planning
U.S. tax season has just passed. But while youíre currently thinking about it, now is really not the time to start planning tax strategies for the year gone by. The good news: itís never too early to plan for the years ahead. Too often people give little thought to tax planning except when it comes time to filling out those annoying governmental forms.
Costa Rica
28 Jul 2005
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