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Increased Scrutiny Over Tax Planning Makes It Necessary For Clients To Pursue High-Quality Wealth Planning Advice
It is essential to understand and comprehend a client's intentions and purposes for seeking wealth planning advice.
8 Jul 2019
SFC Sets Out New Regulatory Approach For Virtual Assets
On 1 November, 2018, the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC) issued a statement (the "Statement"), which sets out a new approach aiming to regulate virtual asset portfolio managers ...
Hong Kong
8 Feb 2019
Tightening The Reins On Cryptocurrency
On 1 November 2018, Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC") issued a statement and circular that expanded its regulatory reach over virtual asset activities.
Hong Kong
21 Dec 2018
SFC Announcements On Regulatory Approach To Virtual Assets
In a keynote speech at the Hong Kong Fintech Week on 1 November 2018, the SFC again asserted its cautious regulatory approach by announcing that it would step up its game in protecting investors of virtual assets.
Hong Kong
14 Nov 2018
Japan's Increasing Attraction To Alternative Investments
Traditionally risk-averse Japanese institutions are massively rebalancing their portfolios and moving into alternative investments at record rates.
Hong Kong
12 Nov 2018
Capital Call Facilities – LPA And Side Letter Review
"Capital call" facilities (also known as "subscription line" facilities) are facilities made available to funds (often on a revolving credit basis and for general working capital purposes).
Hong Kong
7 Nov 2018
SFC Issues Consultation Conclusions On The Hong Kong Open-Ended Fund Company Regime
The introduction of an OFC structure in Hong Kong is intended to further develop Hong Kong as an international asset management centre and fund domicile.
Hong Kong
26 Jul 2018
Lessons From Pugachev – Trust Considerations
The ground-breaking English High Court decision JSC Mezhdunarodniy Promyshlenniy Bank v Pugachev [2017] has potentially introduced the concept of an "illusory trust", a rather different concept...
Hong Kong
28 Jun 2018
New Hong Kong Listing Regime For Companies From Emerging And Innovative Sectors
New chapters and amendments have made significant changes to the Hong Kong listing regime in the past two decades and opened up a new era for the Hong Kong capital markets.
Hong Kong
28 Jun 2018
Cross-Border Estates Specialist Wisdom Hon To Speak At China Offshore Shenzhen Summit On Data Security And Regulatory Developments
Associate Wisdom Hon from Ogier's Hong Kong office will speak at the prestigious China Offshore Shenzhen Summit tomorrow as part of a panel discussion on data security and beneficial...
Hong Kong
24 May 2018
DOCUMENTING SOURCE OF WEALTH – Leading Practices For Wealth Managers
Regulators are keen to see banks demonstrate how they are effectively assessing, documenting and mitigating the AML risks of their customers.
Hong Kong
29 Sep 2017
SFC (The "Commission") Expresses Concern Over Irregularities In Asset Management Activities
Asset managers should maintain proper and effective risk management policies and procedures to identify and manage the risks to which each fund or discretionary account is, or may be, exposed.
Hong Kong
22 Aug 2017
Moscow Musings: The Future Of Offshore
Nicholas Davies, Partner, Hong Kong, reflects on a recent trip to Russia.
Hong Kong
22 Aug 2017
Q&A - Ten Years In Hong Kong's Offshore Legal Market
It is a decade since Nicholas Plowman established Ogier's Hong Kong office – the team has grown to a 27-strong practice...
Hong Kong
28 Jun 2017
Family Disputes And Loss Of Control Weigh Heavily On The Wealthy As They Consider Succession Planning
Jersey Finance's latest research into the challenges faced by China's high net worth individuals reveals gaps in the understanding of the risks involved in failing to address key succession planning issues.
Hong Kong
22 Jun 2017
Ogier Advises Lenovo Group On US$1 Billion Capital Markets Issue
Ogier has acted as Cayman counsel on an innovative perpetual securities issue by Lenovo Group, the world's biggest seller of personal computers.
Hong Kong
25 Apr 2017
Guernsey's Captive Insurance Expertise Shared With Hong Kong Audience
Captives are certainly going to be at the forefront of innovation in Asia's insurance market and Guernsey is proud to be recognised as a centre of excellence in this area.
Hong Kong
14 Nov 2016
HK Residential Property Stamp Duty Jump To 15% (Effective On 5 Nov 2016)
As an attempt to cool off the residential property market, the Hong Kong Government, announced that the Stamp Duty Ordinance would be amended to increase the AVD rates for ALL residential property transactions.
Hong Kong
11 Nov 2016
Time To Do Things Properly
Tax is, in fact, a very simple subject according to C. Northcote Parkinson, then Raffles Professor of History at the new University of Malaya in Singapore, and a writer for The Economist.
Hong Kong
17 Oct 2016
Flight To Quality In Asian PE Industry Gains Momentum
The flight to quality in the Asian private equity industry that began several years ago has gained momentum, challenging GPs to rise to a new level of performance.
Hong Kong
30 Sep 2016
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