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Diversity for goodness sake?
Businesses with staff from a variety of backgrounds and experiences are more likely to make a greater contribution.
New Zealand
21 Sep 2019
Workplace bullying - employer fined
Managers or employees who perpetrate or tolerate harassment or bullying place the company at risk for damages and fines.
New Zealand
6 Sep 2019
Employment law: give me a break!
Article outlines changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 that affect how employers should deal with rest and meal breaks.
New Zealand
4 Sep 2019
On, or off the clock?: A work-life balance for employees
If an employer wishes to rely on requiring an employee to work overtime, then it must provide reasonable compensation.
New Zealand
6 Jun 2019
The use of probationary periods in employment
A probationary period enables an employer to assess the suitability of an employee in skills, diligence and personality.
New Zealand
19 May 2019
New employment provisions for domestic violence victims
Employers should put in place policies about these issues, so employees know about processes for this new entitlement.
New Zealand
11 Apr 2019
Employment law calendar 2019
This is a calendar to signal reviews, consultations and legislative changes to employment law in New Zealand in 2019.
New Zealand
14 Feb 2019
Government passes changes to employment relations law
The changes will have significance for all employers, so they should review employment agreements to ensure compliance.
New Zealand
13 Dec 2018
The Christmas party - what are employer responsibilities?
Employers should be very clear in any communications with staff about behavioural expectations at the Christmas party.
New Zealand
23 Nov 2018
Is it time to review your employment agreements?
If your business is considering changes, then you should look at employment agreements and any review or change clauses.
New Zealand
21 Sep 2018
New domestic violence law – how will this affect employment relationships?
Any employees affected by domestic violence will be entitled to apply for domestic violence leave from their employer.
New Zealand
30 Jul 2018
Employment Relations Bill introduced – changes to trial periods and more
Article summarises most significant changes proposed by Employment Relations Amendment Bill.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2018
Is it OK to collect biometric data from workers?
Employers need to consult with employees and obtain their consent before introducing the collection of biometric data.
New Zealand
21 Mar 2018
Can I turn my work phone off after hours?
Our laws should reflect the reality of modern business practices, but protect an employee's right to a work/life balance.
New Zealand
1 Mar 2018
90 day trial periods – soon to change for some employers
The Government announced that 90 day trial periods will be prohibited for any business that employs over 19 employees.
New Zealand
27 Jan 2018
New Years resolutions about staffing and employment issues - start the process now
The period before Christmas and New Year is often when employers identify employment issues and future staffing needs.
New Zealand
3 Nov 2017
Legal dos and donts when hiring a new employee
This article helps with the recruitment process – from advertising the role to offering employment to the top candidate.
New Zealand
20 Oct 2017
Enforcement of employment standards
The Labour Inspectorate is cracking down on NZ workplaces to ensure that minimum employment standards are being met.
New Zealand
12 Sep 2017
Training and development in performance management
This article outlines when you may need to focus on training and development in the performance management of staff.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2017
Disruption to work as a result of the 14 November earthquake and aftershocks
Where work has been disrupted, operators may need guidance on how to continue employing those who rely on them for work.
New Zealand
21 Mar 2017
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