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Employment Law Commentary – October 2015
Across industry sectors, there is one thing that all organizations have in common—people.
European Union
10 Nov 2015
EU Employment - A Guide To Hiring And Firing In Europe
An organization's workforce is one of its most important assets, and maintaining good employee relations can be key to ensuring business runs smoothly.
European Union
2 Mar 2015
TUPE Amendments 2014
The Acquired Rights Directive applies across the Member States of the European Union and is implemented in the UK by the "TUPE Regulations".
European Union
23 Jun 2014
A Trap For The Unwary: EEOC Pushes Back On Overly Expansive Severance Agreements
A familiar, if unsettling, trend the past four years has been layoffs.
United States
10 Jul 2013
Top Ten Lessons In Dismissal And Discrimination To Date In 2011
In Eversheds Legal Services Ltd v De Belin, Mr de Belin was put at risk of redundancy along with his colleague, Ms Reinholz.
26 Jun 2011
Employment Law Commentary, January 2009
The recent economic downturn has sent companies scrambling for ways to cut costs, with many contemplating layoffs. Companies that choose to go ahead with layoffs should be aware of the requirements of the Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (“Federal WARN”), as well as its many state counterparts or “Mini-WARN Acts.”
United States
21 Jan 2009
Employment Law Commentary, October 2008
Recent headlines paint a bleak picture of the economy in the United States and around the world: US Bails Out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! US Unemployment Rate at 5-Year Low!
United States
29 Oct 2008
In Brief: Employment and HR Newsletter
This is the first issue of our new employment and HR newsletter. Our aim is to highlight what we consider to be the recent key developments, changes and issues of which your business needs to be aware.
United States
7 Jul 2006
Layoffs: A 12-Step Program for Getting Through Down(sizing) Times
Many companies have experienced layoffs over the past few years, and the worst of the bad times may be over. Still, as every human resource professional knows, corporate reorganizations, including outsourcing, mergers, and acquisitions, continue apace. Whether emanating from sourcing, a merger, an acquisition, or simply due to a corporate restructure or cost-cutting measure – or any combination thereof – the elimination of positions and resulting separation of employees means the same thing from
United States
29 Sep 2005
Courts Reject Labor Commissioner Policies
In Conley v. Pacific Gas & Electric Company, a California Court of Appeal ruled that employers may make vacation deductions for partial-day absences of employees without jeopardizing their exempt status. While federal law has allowed such deductions under the FLSA, California’s Division of Labor Standards Enforcement had a different interpretation of California law.
United States
29 Sep 2005
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