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Equal Pay In The Spotlight Following Decision Of Supreme Court
Earlier this week the Supreme Court handed down what has been claimed as a ‘landmark’ decision in relation to equal pay claims.
30 Oct 2012
Czech State Aid Encourages Employers To Provide Employees With Education
The Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has created the project "Education for Stability" to support the maintenance of jobs for those employers who, due to the stagnation of the Czech economy, are temporarily unable to assign work to employees within the agreed range.
Czech Republic
18 Sep 2012
Latest From Court Of Appeal On Issue Of Holiday And Sick Leave
In the much anticipated Court of Appeal decision in NHS Leeds v Larner, it has been held that a worker who was unable to take four weeks’ annual leave due to sickness did not have to make a request to carry the untaken leave over into the next leave year in order to receive a payment in lieu of it on termination of employment.
30 Jul 2012
Increase In EMI Individual Limit To Come Into Force On 16 June 2012
The EMI individual limit increase from £120,000 to £250,0000 announced in the 2012 Budget will come into effect on 16 June 2012.
6 Jun 2012
New Regulations Give More Protection To Chinese Female Employees
On 28 April 2012, the Regulations on Special Labor Protection of Female Employees (the "New Regulations") were released by the PRC State Council.
28 May 2012
Salary Sacrifice
The tax and NIC savings of salary sacrifice have grown in popularity over the last few years as benefits providers have increased their products.
15 Feb 2012
Government Listed Company Pay Proposals
In a suddenly arranged Parliamentary announcement, the Government has said that it is to press ahead with giving shareholders in listed companies extra powers.
1 Feb 2012
Post-P45 Share-Related Employment Income Payments From 6 April 2012
HM Revenue & Customs ("HMRC") has announced a proposed change from 6 April 2012 to the way in which PAYE is applied to shares after someone has left employment and their P45 has been issued.
25 Jan 2012
Proposal For Largest Banks To Reveal The Pay Of 8 "Top" Earners
The Government has published proposals for the largest UK banks to reveal anonymous remuneration details for 8 "top" earners.
20 Dec 2011
Time's Up For Offshore Workers' Time Off Cases
Today the Supreme Court has handed down its decision in Russell and others v Transocean International Resources Limited (Scotland) that annual leave for offshore workers can be taken out of onshore "field breaks".
16 Dec 2011
Dividends Or Bonuses?
For several years until 2005, some companies used an arrangement for paying bonuses which involved employees receiving a particular type of share in a UK tax resident company (often specially created for this purpose).
13 Dec 2011
ECJ Confirms That Holiday Leave Does Not Have To Accrue Indefinitely During Sick Leave
Further to our Lawnow dated 16th November the ECJ has now published its judgment in the case of KHS AG v Schulte.
30 Nov 2011
High Pay Commission Report
The world of pay is not short of suggestions on how executive remuneration could become more aligned with shareholder and social demands.
29 Nov 2011
Holiday And Sickness Issues Back In The Spotlight
The recent EAT case of Fraser v Southwest London St George’s Mental Health Trust has put the relationship between holiday/holiday pay and sickness absence back in the spotlight.
22 Nov 2011
Annual Leave Of Offshore Workers: Journey’s End?
We reported in October 2010 that the Inner House of the Scottish Court of Session had held, in T.L. Russell & ors v Transocean International Resources Limited & ors, that annual leave for offshore workers could be taken out of onshore ‘field breaks’, thus following the earlier ruling of the Employment Appeal Tribunal ("EAT").
21 Oct 2011
New ABI Guidelines On Executive Pay Published
The Association of British Insurers ("ABI") has published updated guidelines on the structure of executive pay. The new "ABI Principles of Remuneration" are the first substantial update of the ABI guidelines since 2007.
6 Oct 2011
Employment And Pensions Update
On 1 July 2011, the PRC Social Insurance Law came into effect. In its Article 97, the new law generally provides that foreigners working in China are able to participate in the Chinese social security system.
22 Sep 2011
Proposed Changes To Labour Code
A bill to change the Labour Code has been approved by the Lower Chamber and will now be passed to the Senate and to the President for approval.
Czech Republic
20 Sep 2011
Remuneration Code - Consultation On Amendments To Voiding And Recovery Provisions
Legislation passed in 2010 gives the FSA power to provide that particularly serious breaches of the Remuneration Code (the "Code") lead to the relevant remuneration term automatically being void.
20 Sep 2011
Disguised Remuneration - Revised FAQs
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) last week produced a revised version of its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the vexed subject of disguised remuneration.
14 Jul 2011
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